Stroke Away the Winter Pale. Quickie:

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: Stroke Away the Winter Pale.
"Woman With Shiny Golden Hair" by stockimages
“Woman With Shiny Golden Hair” by stockimages

With less exposure to the sun in the winter, we can loose a lot of Vitamin D. The suns rays haven’t provided us with the nutrients we need or given us that glow. This can leave a lot of us looking and feeling pale.

Get your daily Vitamin D in your foods or supplements and 10 minutes daily without sunblock, the sun to help with your overall health, mood and appearance. You can check with your doctor to see where your Vitamin D levels are.

Cod liver oil pills on white TipsfromTia.comToo much vitamin D is rare, but can be harmful. After winter, levels can be low. It’s always best to have your doctor check them annually. If you are in the sun longer than 10 minutes be sure to apply a sunblock even in the colder months.

And, give your self a natural looking glow with a face bronzer. Apply it in “3/E” strokes. Start at the top of the forehead and stroke to the cheek while, finishing at the chin on both sides of your face.

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