How pets make your kids happier. By Guest Blogger Emma L.

By Guest Blogger, Emma L.


How pets make your kids happier


Children can easily get carried away by the idea of owning a pet, somebody sweet, furry, and adorable to play and cuddle with. However, when it comes to pets, there is more than just puffy tails and pretty eyes. Owning one is a great responsibility which your child should be aware of. Still, pet will teach your child many important things, and will bring immense joy in their life.

Pets make them healthier

When babies grow up with a pet, they are less likely to suffer from allergies. Studies have shown that by the time they reach six, the risk of getting allergic reaction to house dust and hay fever is reduced by incredible 75 per cent. In addition, doctors believe that children who are often licked by cats and dogs are early exposed to bugs which live in pets’ mouths and this exposure will protect them in future. Not just that, but children who have pets often spend more time outside, especially dog owners who have to walk their dogs daily. Exposure to fresh air and sun will only do good for your child.

Pets make them emotionally stable

Growing up is tough, and every obstacle and minor problem you encounter seem like an enormous mountain before you and you feel like you are helpless and have no clue how to overcome it. In tough times, children are more likely to turn to their pets for comfort, and sharing sadness or confusion with their furry friend will make them feel much better. In addition, children who have strong and healthy relationship with their pets are more likely to be helpful, and share everything with their peers.

Pets teach them responsibility

It is not just about cleaning up after them, bathing them, and making sure they don’t have fleas, but it is about other things as well. Your child will learn to take care of needs of others: if your cat has sick kidneys or allergies, they will buy special food and water for them; royal canine prescription for healthy joints and bones for their dog; special kinds of seeds for their bunny, and special meat for their ferrets. Your child will learn responsibility and generosity, and you will be proud when you see them taking their pet to the vet and taking special care of them if they happen to be sick.

No more anxiety and fear

Cuddling their four-legged friend will make child feel less scared and less alone when they’re insecure. Sometimes it is difficult for children to open up and talk about what bothers them, but when it comes to pets, they will know that their secrets are safe and that their pets will not judge them. Moreover, those who are only just learning how to read will be far more comfortable reading to a pet than to somebody else, because cats and dogs will listen carefully and not laugh at them even if they make a mistake.

Clearly, benefits of owning a pet are numerous, and if they have one, your child will grow up to be kind, responsible, and generous adult. Their childhood will be happier and they will learn what unconditional love and devotion are like, when they see the joy their furry friends greet them with every single day.

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