Age-Defying, Really?

By Tia Cristy


Age-Defying, Really?

Woman Washing Face ca. 2001
Woman Washing Face ca. 2001

We have heard of many products that promise to turn back the hands of time. Do many of them have much success? Billions of dollars have been spent each year, in trying to find the right product to regain one’s youth.

The fact is, it takes more than one factor to keep years of damage at bay. Remember, what goes in, will eventually come out. So, putting the right diet into your body will show through your skin, hair, nails, etc.

The most important thing our bodies need everyday is hydration.  Getting the daily amount of water is needed through beverages and foods. The right foods and vitamins will give the body what it needs to properly function, which helps determine how your outside, looks. How does this work? Working organs and blood will help build the essential amino acids your body needs.  This helps build collagen and the nutrients your skin needs.

Starting inside the body is the foundation, getting the right oils, protein and fat into the body, is first. Then, moving to the outside with exercise and toning will get that blood flowing the way it needs too.

Finally, finding the right skin products for your needs will help maintain that glow. Washing the face with the right cleanser for your skin type is a personal preference. Using natural products or oils for “healing” skin is always a good option.  I prefer coconut oil or olive oil for healing and eliminating dryness. Clean and healed skin has a better chance of staying youthful and keeping elasticity.

When it comes to anti-aging products, I have tried many for the benefit of my readers, mostly. The trails can be interesting, since I have sensitive skin. Plus, I like to give the true feedback since these products are extremely, expensive off the bat, or can cost less, but still add up, because they don’t work.

I kept hearing about Nerium AD. I was skeptical when I read that they use Oleander Extract, which can be toxic. It turns out the product is safe and effective on the face.

I tried the night cream, only for about two months, and I have seen nice results on my face, including smaller pores and diminished fine lines.  Other testimonies have declared strong results, while using the full line. The night cream is about $80.

So remember, if you are trying to achieve healthy skin, start with the inside first, and then, find the right products that work for you.

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