Effective Ways For Office Workers To Get Fit. Guest Blogger Alissa J.

By Guest Blogger Alissa J.


Effective Ways For Office Workers To Get Fit

TipsfromTia.com Photo Provided by Alissa J.
TipsfromTia.com Photo Provided by Alissa J.


It has been proven that working a 9-5 job inside an office can cause health risks like stress, eye conditions and weight gain. This is primarily because it keeps a person from moving most of his or her body muscles. In addition to this, the long exposure to blue light from electronics drains the energy off the body.

Office workers often compensate for these stressful conditions by keeping a stack of snack foods near their desks. These often consist of coffee, chips, chocolate bars and burgers, which of course are not healthy when eaten in excess.

The tips below can offer insights on how one can maintain health and fitness while working in a 9-5 office environment. In fact, such a weight loss program could be more comfortable and enjoyable for a person as it keeps in mind the person’s lifestyle and work habits.

1. Eat More Mini-Meals Instead Of A Few Big Meals:
Eating smaller meals helps our body process the calories we have just taken in better. Eating mini-meals will keep an office worker feeling full and alert throughout the day. This is because eating a big meal will rapidly increase a person’s sugar levels. This causes the body to process it with a high dose of insulin, which in turn will make us sleepy.

2. Buy Healthier Snacks:
Eating mini-meals perfectly addresses the office worker’s need to nibble on food while stressed. We have to watch what we nibble on though. Doctors recommend snacking on nuts like almonds, fruits, yogurt and cheeses.

3. Ride A Bike Or Walk To Work, If You Can:
The drive or commute to the office can be grueling, so if you can, bike or walk to work. It will stretch your muscles and leave you mentally and physically more fit to work. You will also save money and the environment.

4. If You Cannot, Do Exercises At The Office:
This prevents muscle atrophy and is also a good way to de-stress. A healthy way to take a break from writing a financial report is to walk around or outside the office. Instead of taking the elevator, climb the stairs. Some physical exercises can also be done at the work desk. Doing stretches with your hands to your sides and then over your head is a good example. It can help trim your waist and keep your wrists from getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Leg lifts can also be done at the desk. Straighten your knees and lift your legs out from under the work table. Point your toes and repeat.
5. Drink Water Or Tea:
Office pantries usually provide coffee and water. Limit your coffee drinking and take water instead. It will help flush out toxins and fats from your body. Tea can provide the caffeine fix you want with the same cleansing effect.

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