Stupid Tip Of The Day; Plucking Your Eyebrows Without a Plan

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day; What Not To Do

Plucking your own eyebrows with out a plan.
Beautiful Eyes


Meaning: If you pluck, you better know where your natural arch is.

Knowing where to let your eye brow start and where it should end is key. The only thing more awkward then the uni-brow, is the brows that are too far apart.

Use a line to start, put your finger flat against the side of your nose to the brow. That is the starting area.

Now put your finger at the corner of your eye and go diagonal towards the top of your ear. That’s the finish line.

Always pluck the under side of the brow, not the top.

If it’s your first time plucking (even if you’ve waxed before) pluck a little at a time. Biggest mistake even a seasoned plucker can do, is over pluck.

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