Keep Snakes Away.

By Tia Cristy

Keep Snakes Away. snake
"Snake Skin" by Karen Shaw
“Snake Skin” by Karen Shaw

Problem: I found a snake while gardening, How do I keep them away?

Tip from Tia: Snakes can roam and roam into areas that can take you off guard and places where you don’t want them.

Coolest tip to know about snakes is, the eyes. If the eyes are in front of the head, don’t worry, no matter what color. If eyes are on the side of the head, you may want to call pest control and stay away from snapping reach. Remember, they can snap 3/4 the size of their body length.

There are products on the market that can repel snakes, but I’m not positive on what reaction it has on house pets.

First Tip… Moth balls smell strong and that odor will drive snakes away. Moth balls have toxins, but the smell is usually what keeps most animals and things away, usually including household pets. (It can make your pet ill, if eaten. But the smell usually keeps them from trying to eat.)

Place a single moth ball every so many feet, around the outside perimeter of your home structure. Start with putting a few under any decks or sheds attached to the house first, and move in clock or counter-clock wise way around the house. This leaves a way, for the pest to retreat. You can place them the same way, around the outside structures of sandboxes or before you reach the decking of pools.

Second Tip… Be sure to keep your landscape clean, well trimmed and rake up leaves and other debris. Snakes and other pest like piles, so remove piles as quickly as created, when doing landscaping.

And, Finally… The easiest solution that I recommend is, get ceramic or carved animals like the owl or other big bird statues and place it around the pool, sand box or around the house. Snakes can’t see like we do; they see silhouettes, and they can see from far away. So, when the snake sees the outline of the giant predator they will go the other way.

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