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Valentine’s Day on a Tight Budget.

By Tia Cristy

How to do Valentine’s Day on a Tight Budget.



Valentine’s Day is the card giving, chocolate eating, gift exchanging day you either love or hate. There are many reasons people pick this day out of the year to express their love, but the price tag that comes with the day can be substantial. So you don’t have the money to buy that over-sized teddy bear or the giant candy heart. That’s alright. It’s the thoughts that counts.

Why not find that, kid-like side of you, that is innocent and sincere. A paper heart with “I Love You” written on it, when you were a child, worked, why not now? Take the time to do a little arts and crafts. Making your own card can go a long way. And, personalize it with just the right words. Store bought cards do a good job, but making it yourself, allows you to say just what you want.

Don’t put your craft skills away just yet. Valentine (2)

Guys, if you can’t afford to buy the jewels, why not make some. Making a necklace out of macaroni will melt her heart, knowing that you took the time to do this.

If you got a bit more patience, try making a gumball necklace or bracelet. All you need is a large needle, a steady hand, elastic string and gumballs.

Ladies, if you are stumped on a heart’s day project, try thinking of games. Guys like being entertained, as well as seeing the romantic stuff.

Get a box of Alphabet dry pasta. Spell out love words and move them aside. In a bowl, put in those words and add red food coloring, mix it up till all letters are covered with color. Let them dry. Once they dry completely, add them back with the uncolored letters in a decorated jar. Give him the jar as a gift, and tell him how many words he needs to find. Give him a sweet reward, for each word he puts together.

Don’t have the funds to go out to have fun, no problem. Make a dinner as fancy as you’d like. Having a blanket dinner, with all their favorite candy in front of a fireplace, could be a nice alternative to a heavy meal-candlelit dinner.

The money and expensive gift aren’t going to make the day special; it’s being together and letting the other one know you made an effort for love.

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Fight the Winter Slump With Comedy and Action. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Fight the Winter Slump With Comedy and Action.
Businessman watching television --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Businessman watching television — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Winter blues can hit anyone. Hibernation is what the animals do; as humans we are just suppose to layer up and keep moving. But, the feeling of fatigue it hard to deny on cold dreary days. Seasonal depression is a real and serious condition that affects many during the winter months. And, if you feel you are suffering from seasonal depression you should call your doctor.

If you just need a pick me up on a sunless day, pick a comfy spot and watch a comedy, one you already know, that will make you laugh. Play a funny game with your family. Tell old joke or funny stories with your partner. Laughing will release the pleasant feelings in your brain, that in return will make you feel pleasant and able to combat the cold.

If you are feeling tired with no energy, oddly, watch an exercise video or an action flick. Solely watching, without partaking in action will make your body react as if it is involved. Your body will actually burn off calories and you will feel more energy. And, if it is a workout video, you may decide to take part in the workout or turn off the t.v. and turn on the music and dance, melting more calories away.

Emotions have a deep impact on how we can handle the season. Keeping your emotions in check during the winter season is important, so remember to laugh and get that heart pumping to keep your brain pumping. Seek medical help if you help with season changes.

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Spice Up Your Sex Life.

Tia’s note: A large percentage of hospital visits per year are due to sex related injuries. Carvaka contacted me about the beginners guide to bondage. is dedicated to being a trusted source for all tips, and we would like to lessen the injuries of healthy sex. After the drawl with 50 Shades of Grey, we welcome Carvaka to share these tips with our readers who wish to spice up their sex life. Be safe, be smart, and be healthy.

By Carvaka

 Bondage for Beginners

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Trying to Quit Smoking.

By Tia Cristy

Problem: Hey Tia, I tried to quit smoking for my New Year’s resolution, didn’t work, so I again tried to give it up for Lent, I am not doing so good. Any tips? stop smoking

Tips from Tia:

That is why I don’t do resolutions, I don’t like to disappoint myself. Quitting is a tough thing to do, and you can’t be disappointed it didn’t happen. There is no magic for giving up smoking. It’s retraining your body and your brain. It comes down to several factors, and the first one is, you have to be ready to quit. There are many reasons to make someone ready to quit, number one is usually health related. But, if quitting is not what you want, it won’t happen.

Once you have the will power to do it, remember everyone is different, and cold turkey isn’t working for you, the process can be aided by gums or patches. The one item, I’ve seen really help people, is the vapor cigarette. I have heard of much caution with patches and gums with smoking the occasional cigarette. I have not heard of any caution needed with the vapor cigarette, except for the handling of the nicotine directly. One woman I talked to used it all day and smoked a couple real cigarettes at night. But again, everyone is different. It comes in different strengths; controlling your own nicotine intake and flavors and it gives you the ability to curb the physical need to smoke. It’s vapor so the smoke just disappears. Some people have gotten very revolutionary and extensive with their vapor smokes, and it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to look up.

Another aid that can help, are amino acids, they help the brain fire and curb the receptors trying to get that chemical release that smoking gives. For example, people light up after sex or a big meal, that is because your pleasure chemicals called dopamine has surged and smoking simulates serotonin to balance and keep you feeling better longer. If you balance your amino’s with the help of your doctor, balance will be achieved at some point, on it’s own, without the smoke.

Be sure to talk with your doctor about quitting, and inform your doctor of any things you decide to try. Remember, you haven’t failed if you have cut back. It takes one step at a time.

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New Year Resolutions: What You Should Promise Yourself in the New Year. By Guest Blogger, Amy G.

By Guest Blogger, Amy G.

New Year Resolutions: What You Should Promise Yourself in the New Year


Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

The New Year’s Eve is almost here, which means that the majority of people are thinking about what they have accomplished in the last 365 days. New Year’s resolutions are the best opportunity for us to make important changes which motivate and inspire us very much, since the beginning of the new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start. Sit down and come up with a list of the changes you want to make – if you are not sure, here is a bit of help from us. Good luck!

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating is a tricky habit – once you get used to it, it will be very hard to snap yourself out of it. The truth is that it is much easier to do something fun and relax instead of working hard – everyone would agree with that. However, this will just prolong the whole process that inevitably has to be done. There are numerous tips that can help you stop procrastinating. After all, the most important thing is to find your own way of dealing with it.

Be More Confident and Take Some Chances

Self-confident and outgoing people are certainly much more noticeable than those who are quiet and shy. When other people notice your confidence, it is highly likely that your opinion will be heard, which will largely contribute to your overall success – both in private life and in business. Besides that, the right amount of self-confidence will help you lead much happier and fulfilled life.

Go organic – go green

Choosing to switch to organic food is probably the best decision you can make for your own health. However, it can get very complicated, especially when you realize that junk food is all around. Determination is crucial in this resolution – with some basic tips you can gradually develop healthy eating habits. It is essential for you to learn how to control emotional eating and to find out which reasons lead to the failure of your diet. Also, if you haven’t already, switch to organic cosmetics – use everything organic, even makeup brushes!

Get in Shape

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

It can be quite hard to find a decent exercise and diet program that will give great results and will be easy to keep up with in the long run. Losing weight and getting fit is possible with a lifestyle change, so you have to be ready to try some different things that will contribute to your success. Besides that, consuming particular nutrients after your workout, will improve your performance and overall recovery. These drinks are a perfect option that is both healthy and very delicious.

Pick Up Useful Skills or Fun Hobbies

Use your free time constructively – sitting around all day is definitely not beneficial to anyone. Pick up some skills and hobbies that will entertain you and make you feel useful at the same time. No matter whether it is crocheting, learning foreign language, or sports – it is important that you find something that fulfils you.

Spend More Time With the People Who Matter

Life is too short to waste it on hypocritical and insincere people. Instead, focus on the ones who and are there for you no matter what. These people are definitely worth your attention, and they will put a smile on your face in both good and bad times. True friends will focus on you and hear what you are saying, and will always be honest with you. Besides that, they will accept you just as you are.

No matter what you decide, give your best to accomplish your resolutions and make some long-term changes in your life. The future-you will certainly be glad you did that. Just have in mind that life is hard sometimes, but when you overcome the challenges, you become much stronger. So, what are your New Year’s resolutions?

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About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne with a passion for organic beauty and fashion. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.

My Private Dancer.

By Tia Cristy

My Private Dancer.

“Young Flamenco Dancers In Beautiful Dress On Black Background” by nenetus.
“Young Flamenco Dancers In Beautiful Dress On Black Background” by nenetus.

My private dance lesson with Jonathon is at 4:30 pm. I arrive a few minutes early so I can get in the right mindset. As I climb the gorgeous staircase to the main floor of The Blueball Room, I have the chorus of Tina Turner’s ‘Private Dancer’ stuck in my head. I smile as I see Jonathon finishing up another private dance with a stunning lift. Could I ever get to that level of dancing at this point in my life? I unload my stuff onto a chair and take a seat in the other to change out of my rain boots into heels.

Jonathon comes over to greet me as the sweat runs down his face.

“That looked amazing!” I gasp. “Could I ever do that?”

He smiles as he wipes his forehead, “You can get to any level you are determined to. That’s the best thing about dance.” He takes a sigh, and then asks, “You ready for your lesson now?”

I hop up with excitement, unsure of what my lesson is going to be all about.

It turns out my private lesson wasn’t going to be about lifts, it was going to be about perfecting what I’ve already become familiar with. Easy? Not at all.

My lesson starts with going through the basics I’ve worked on so far including tango, foxtrot, cha cha, and swing. Next we move onto frame. I thought I was holding my body properly, until Jonathon places a stick down my back, not allowing me to loose position. I then come to an understanding that my legs are actually long for my petite body, and I must extend them farther than I have been. Jonathon is over six feet, and his stride is long. I must be able to keep up. He teaches me the correct way to push off from my right to left leg. He also shows me where to place my weight with each step and turn. My body quickly begins to feel the heat, causing a healthy sweat and my legs feel the slight burn of a moderate paced jog.

Soon thereafter, the stick is taken away and I am on my own muscle memory. I glide with him across the floor while the owner Roseanna, smiles with approval at my progress. Before I know it my lesson has come to an end, and I am left feeling invigorated with another successful lesson under my belt. After each lesson, it always makes me think of  two things, what they go through on Dancing with the Stars and what an incredible way to stay in shape while learning a new craft or hobby. The members of the company that stood by watching my transformation give me wonderful praise as I trot off the dance floor.

Blueball Room Dance Studio. Wilmington, DE
Blueball Room Dance Studio. Wilmington, DE

What a great gift to give myself. The gift of dance is something you could give yourself or a loved one. Get in touch with The Blueball Room for great package deals for group classes that include a private lesson.

Coming soon a collection of videos on my basic dances. To see them now like on Facebook.

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Perfect Vacation into the Wild. By Guest Blogger Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger Daniel R.


Perfect Vacation into the Wild

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Daniel R.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Daniel R.

Urban living, long office hours, traffic jams and crowded places have an ability to wear you out and make you feel a bit stressed. When you become a little overwhelmed by everyday responsibilities, it is the perfect opportunity to take a break and get lost in the wilderness. Going on a little vacation into the wild you will be able to recharge your batteries and heal your mind, body and soul. After all, they say that nature is not a place to visit; rather it is our true home. So in order to maximize your experience, remember these few tips:


The first and the most important thing about planning a trip into the wild is organizing everything properly. Camping in nature requires a lot of planning and coordinating. There are a lot of things you need to consider, starting from what kind of equipment to bring, how to pack economically but also how to regulate your basic needs and requirements. Because of this, it is really important to create a detailed plan before you set out on your adventure.


When you decide you want to go back to your roots and experience nature more deeply, there is no better way to achieve this then to set up camp in the heart of the wilderness. Whether you are camping in a forest, an already set campsite or perhaps some other area depends completely on your personal preference. Just make sure you set up camp on a somewhat flat, durable and safe terrain. For maximum comfort you will definitely need a tent, a sleeping bag and a thick sleeping pad. Improvised pillows and blankets are also a good idea, especially if you are camping somewhere colder.


There is no need to limit yourself only on canned food and sandwiches. Camping in nature allows you to prepare food in an old-fashioned manner, which gives it a special flavor. Cooking in the wilderness is best done using wood and coal. Local hardwood like oak and maple will surely contribute to the whole outcome of the meal. Also in order to avoid cooking directly in the fire, consider making a simple grill using only a grill grate and some coal and wood.


When it comes to camping, less definitely is more. This means that you should strive to find the best way to pack lightly, not bring unnecessary items but also make sure that you do not lack anything. This might sound a bit problematic, but it is not impossible. Every camper needs some basic things such as cooking essentials, shelter and bedding necessities, toiletries and clothes. Of course, there are a lot of other needed items like bug repellant, first aid kit and a Scoutgard camera, which great characteristics makes it quite practical for filming the most amazing nature experiences.


Just because you are in the wilderness, that does not mean you will have to neglect your personal hygiene. There are a few things that you must not forget to bring with you on the trip. Hand sanitizer, wipes and even some hydrogen peroxide accompanied with cotton balls, toilet paper and towels are a must-have. If you are camping someplace near a river or a pond it is always a good option to dip in the water. Also, there are travel size bottles of soap, shampoo and toothpaste that are quite practical for vacationing in the wild.

Edward Abbey once said that wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. Going back to the basics is something that every person needs in order to get in touch with his inner self. A vacation in the wilderness helps you withstand the chaos of everyday living.

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How to Incorporate Healthy Living Back to Your Life. By Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

By Guest Blogger, Tracey C.


How to Incorporate Healthy Living Back to Your Life

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Tracey C.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

As you get older, a change in eating habits is in order, along with other inevitable lifestyle changes. Basically, your body needs extra doses of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients to maintain optimal levels of energy, brain power and good health. In time, the body’s metabolism (the rate at which calories are burned) begins to decrease. That means that later in life, you need less calories than you needed when you were younger. This leaves very little room for that extra piece of cake or a supersized order of fries.

Taking dietary supplements

It is important for everyone to consider appropriate multivitamins for their specific age. Calcium and vitamin D are especially important for bone health, as well as some other nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, vitamins C, K and B, and carotenoids. Contributions in protein and moderate wine consumption also has a positive effect.

Add flavor to your life

As you get older, the number of taste buds in your mouth decreases, so many people tend to eat sweeter or saltier foods. By adding natural herbs and spices to meals, you can maintain a healthy and delicious home cuisine without adding more fats, salt and / or sugar.


Eating more fiber can prevent stomach or intestinal problems such as constipation. Fiber may also help lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Make sure that at least half of the grains you eat are whole. Fruit and vegetables can also help with a balanced fiber intake. Women need approximately 21 grams of fiber per day, while men need about 28 grams. If you need to increase your fiber intake, do so gradually over the course of a few weeks, and drink more liquids to compensate for the extra fiber.

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Tracey C.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

Fruit and vegetables

Eat two cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables each day and rotate between kinds of fruit and vegetables. A serving can be a cup of fresh or frozen fruit or half a cup of dried fruit. If you have difficulty eating raw fruits and vegetables, consider adding soup, vegetable juice or tomato sauce to your meals.

Stay hydrated

Aging decreases the perception of thirst. Drink fluids throughout the day. Water is probably the best calorie-free drink, but if you like to drink fizzy drinks, make sure that they are labelled as diet. Do not wait until you feel thirsty. Try taking several large glasses of water each day.

Fight the stress

Stress is a natural reaction of the body that allows people to act against unexpected situations of everyday life. The problem occurs when people feel stressed all the time. Meditation has been proven to be highly effective in reducing stress. Moreover, look for ways to relax in everyday life. Enjoy the silence for a while once the workday is over – no TV, no music, no conversations.


Even if you get just a little physical activity, such as walking, it is still better than nothing. Exercise helps maintain and strengthen the muscles that are lost due to the process of aging, and boosts the metabolism. It also helps you keep a healthy heart, and prevents disease. The routine should be repetitive, so do two walks of 15 minutes a day, or, if you have time, sign up for a fitness center for the elderly where you can do some light exercises, yoga or cycling. Letting your childish side show is a great way to train your body, too. Bouncing on trampolines and awesome adult jumping castles is equally fun in the company of your grandchildren and on your own.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Tracey C.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Tracey C.

Reaching a certain age marks the deadline for a change and healthy living. The period between your 40th and 50th birthdays is crucial. That is the time when you should start eating better, quit smoking, get into exercise and try to reduce stress and alcohol (if you have not done so earlier) to ensure good health. You can always start later, but the benefits would not be the same.

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About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate in writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Look Rich to Get Rich. By Guest Blogger Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger Daniel R.


Look Rich to Get Rich. Photo Provided by Alissa J. Photo Provided by Alissa J.

Once you find yourself in the world of business, you will realize that there is much more than just doing a good job that influences you and your company. It’s about many other factors as well, including advertising, observing the market, trying to beat competition, and keeping up appearances. It’s not just the way you dress that can determine whether you will sing the next contract or not, but the way your office looks too.

Sharp dressed men and women

It is not necessary to spend all your savings on acquiring designer clothes and pieces so you have no money for food afterwards just so you can look rich. You can achieve the ‘rich and sophisticated’ look without breaking the bank. Wear well-fitting clothes, and make sure every piece on you is clean and in good condition. What is more, you don’t have to wear pieces that have designer logos stamped all over them; designer clothes usually are discreet with their logo placement, but you should make sure all your clothes are of good quality and preferably from natural materials. In addition, you can find a tailor and have at least some items custom made for you – no better way to ensure your clothes are well-fitting.

The space you work in

What good is it to be dressed in the best clothes when you will be sitting in a broken down chair in a dusty office that even has no windows? You need your office to reflect the air of wealth if you would like to attract similar clientele. This means a comfortable couch and armchairs in the waiting room, classy office chairs around your desk, and an office desk made of high-quality materials such as glass, steel, mahogany, and marble. You should also make sure there is enough natural light and plenty of functional and stylish lamps which will make the best atmosphere. However, try not to make your working environment too sterile; make sure your furniture is comfortable, and have live plants and fresh flowers around to liven up the atmosphere.

The details that matter

Painting Fingernails

Remember, it is not just the way you dress and decorate your office that counts, it’s the way you pay attention to details and take care of yourself.

Dirty fingernails are repulsive unless you are a gardener or a mechanic, so manicure is a must. In addition, dandruff all over your shoulders and dirty hair will make you look messy and less professional. Clean hair or at least a hairstyle which will disguise the fact that you are dying to wash it will do the trick; and this is one of the reasons women love braids and buns. Having a few expensive accessories will make you look good and professional even when paired up with plainest possible clothes: good watch, designer sunglasses, expensive tie, or a discreet piece of jewelry.

Remember, keeping up appearances and always looking your best is incredibly important, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about other things completely. Always offer the best service, focus on professionalism, and be honest with your potential and regular clients and customers, as well as with your employers. After all, money doesn’t fall from heaven and you should make an effort and have a lot to offer before you get rich.

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November is National Novel Writing Month.

By Tia Cristy


November is National Novel Writing Month.


I’ve been working on my novel’s with diligence. Writing is tricky for even the most educated at times. Here are a few simple mistakes to watch out for when writing any masterpiece.
Five Mistakes To Avoid in Your NaNoWriMo Novel Infographic

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