When the Recipe Call for Peppers. Tips in Action:

Cooking can be therapeutic as well as a healthier way to eat your favorite foods. Recipes can call for all sorts of fresh veggies and spices that you might not be used to handling. However, don’t feel overwhelmed if you’ve never handled these ingredients before. Using less can be more valuable when making a recipe for the first time. When a recipe calls for peppers can be more heat than anticipated though.

How Hot Are Peppers

Not all peppers are hot, but when they do have heat to them, chopping them bare-handed, can leave your hands burning for hours. Ghost peppers are one of the hottest peppers available for consumption, but I wouldn’t recommend them to those that haven’t built up a tolerance to foods with heat.

Hot Peppers can be hot when ingesting, but also the juices can leave your fingers burning. The same reaction can happen with jalapeno peppers. There are several recipes that call for jalapeno, like soups, nachos, and salsas.

Creating From Scratch

All foods can taste better when you put the love into the recipe when starting from scratch. However, it does take a lot more effort to create.

Bell Peppers are not on the hot side, and sweet peppers are sweet. However, when dealing with hot peppers, be sure to wear rubber gloves. Do not touch your face, eyes, or skin until you are done prepping and your hands have been washed thoroughly. The juices can absorb into skin and cause a deep burn. This is great on sore muscles, but not on your hands or face.

Peppers Burning Eyes

If you get pepper oil in your eyes and wear contacts, remove the contacts with clean hands. Grab the milk from the fridge and flush out your eyes. Yes. Milk. The capsaicin oil will attach to the milk and stop burning you, Next, rinse your eyes with running water. Using water first can only cause the burning to get worse before getting better.

Throw out your contaminated contacts; milk can’t save them.

Peppers Burning Skin

Flush your skin with cool milk. Then, wash with degreasing soap and water if you get pepper juice on your body. Capsaicin oil is an oil that will take time to remove as it’s universally known that oil and water don’t mix.

Side Note

First-time pepper users, leaving the seeds and inside stem in your cooking adds full heat to the pepper, if you want a dish more mild, discard the seeds and inside core.

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