Coping with New Puppy Troubles

Coping with New Puppy Troubles

They’re cute and cuddly. They can win your heart over in a split second. However, new puppies are a lot of work. They are just babies that need love and attention as they learn all about this great big world. From crying all night long to continuously peeing on the carpet can make you go a little crazy. However, this time will pass as long as you dedicate time to training your new family member. Here are a few things to remember when coping with new puppy troubles.

Crying Game

When a new puppy enters a home after being taken away from its momma, it can be a lonely experience at night time. If the puppy is put into a crate at bed or gated off from you, expect to hear the sobs of the little one for the first few nights.

Do not give in to the tears if you plan on having boundaries when it comes to where the pup will sleep. If you cave, the dog will always expect you to give in to its crying.

If the puppy is crying, it’s best to make the puppy as comfortable as possible. Lay a blanket that smells like you into the crate. Perhaps, you have something that smells like their momma; that is a perfect option as well.

Another great trick is using a heartbeat stuffed animal for the puppy. The battery-operated toy simulates the heartbeat of other puppies being close by.

If the puppy keeps on crying, comfort them in the space you wish for them to learn as their space. They will eventually understand that you will keep coming back for them instead of feeling abandoned. If you don’t want the pup to sleep with you, don’t cave or that’s where the little one will end up every night.

That’s Not A Bathroom

The little puppies have little bladders. It’s difficult to potty train any breathing species, but patience and consistency will make it happen. However, accidents are bound to happen, especially in the beginning.

If the pup makes a mess on the floor or furniture, clean it up as soon as you notice. The longer the mess sits the more it sets into the fabric. That smell will attract them to come back to that area time and time again.

Use soap and water on the area to break down the scent and sanitize the area. Once the area is dry, use baking soda on the area to absorb the remaining odor. Let sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming up. Baking soda will also take away dog odors that will build up in the house that most dog owners become nose blind to. Using baking soda once a week on the carpets will keep allergens at bay while keeping floors smelling and looking fresh.

It Bites

Puppies teethe like all babies. The gums hurt as puppies cut new teeth, and the only comfort is gnawing on all your favorite things. It might not hurt when a little puppy mouth chops on your hand, but remember that little one will grow into a bigger dog with a harder bite if you don’t nip it now.

When you find the puppy chewing on inappropriate things, say ‘No’ and give them something that is acceptable to chew. It’s important to stay consistent with this command. It will save you a lot of headaches and material objects.

Enjoy the newest member of your family to the fullest as you learn how to cope with new puppy troubles. The puppies grow up pretty fast, so stay diligent in your training. The harder you work on early training will make your beloved puppy easier to handle as they grow,

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