Where’s my Hose at?

Where’s my Hose at?

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It doesn’t matter if you are rolling up the hose for the winter or rolling it out for the summer. We all need a hose at any given time of the year. Practicing hose safety is important during anytime of the year.


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There may be a few more uses for the hose before you disconnect and pack it up for winter. However, the fall allows temps to drop below or close to freezing at night, so always remember to squeeze out the last bit of water from the hose if you don’t plan on disconnecting from the spigot just yet. Using a commercial grade hose reel can help push out that last bit of tricky water as you reel it in.


You have disconnected the hose, removed the nozzle, rolled up the hose tightly on the heavy duty hose reel, ( good to have so you can’t trip on it and break an ankle while getting holiday decorations out of the garage) and shut off the water to the spigot. All of this is very smart. But what happens if you need the hose for some kind of emergency? I recommend keeping the hose in close enough reach just in case you are found in a winter pinch.

One very cold Christmas, I came out to find my car bombarded with bird droppings. I guess they had a celebration of their own that day. After my surprise moved to frustration, I ran inside, turned the water back on in the house to the spigot and dug out the water hose reel. Being on a reel, it was easy enough to do. I hooked the hose up and washed my car while wearing a fur jacket and heels. Knowing the temperature was already close to freezing, I had to roll back up the hose, unhook from the spigot, and shut the water back off in the house before I could be on my merry way. Honestly, it wasn’t worth the risk. After all was said and done, it wasn’t that hard to do, it was just freezing!


Water Hose Reels | Eley Hose Reels

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a sprinkle of water reflecting off the warm spring sun. When it comes time to hook the hose back up, make sure that the temperatures at night no longer drop close to freezing. After that point, you can leave the hose connected for the duration of spring and summer without worry of pipes bursting in the house. Check the hose for any holes or leaks by simply running water through it. Check the integrity of the nozzle. If there are leaks, replace the head before you will need the hose more frequently. It will save you a future headache. Check the hose reel for easy use. If you don’t have a reel or are looking for a better one. Look at wall mount, free standing or cart options at Eley Hose Reels where you’ll find high quality hose reels worth the price.


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When the sun gives hardly any relief from the heat of the day, make sure you spray the hose away from you and anyone else nearby. As the sun and temps bake the inside of that coiled up hose, the first sprays of the day, or even throughout the day on really hot days, can cause boiling temperatures to the water. If you or someone else sprays the skin, it can cause major burns and scarring.

Hose safety is important in every season. It also important to have the hose handy in any season in the event you have a weird, once in a lifetime occurrence where a good amount of water is needed to clean up something.

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