Goodbye Toxins, Hello Happiness: The Ultimate Home Cleanse

Goodbye Toxins, Hello Happiness: The Ultimate Home Cleanse

able to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. You might be unaware of how many

home hazards you are currently living in, but don’t worry, most people are. Some of your everyday gadgets, cleaning products and beauty items might be causing you serious harm if you continue to use them over time. Nobody’s home can be perfect, but you can become one step closer to a non-toxic way of living.


Digital Detox


Your bedroom is probably littered with mobile phones, a television, sound systems and other electrical devices. If you aren’t already aware of emf exposure symptoms then you should definitely look into them. Perhaps you have been feeling tired or nauseous lately, this could be due to the dangerous digital items within your home. Try to sleep in a room free of plugged in devices; I know this is a difficult thing to imagine, but it really will help you to be free from toxins.



Clean and Green


When you spring clean your home with your regular cleaning products you are actually adding more harmful chemicals into your home than you would think. Your bleach and cleaning sprays will be full of extremely dangerous elements that you wouldn’t want to spread around your home, especially if you have small children. Try using natural ingredients to clean areas of your home. Lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are all excellent natural cleaners that will bring shimmer and shine to your surfaces.


Make-Up Mindfulness


We all wake up and enjoy blending our makeup before meeting a girlfriend for lunch. This simple daily activity could be causing stress to your body and skin. Not only are many makeup brands littered with unruly chemicals, but things such as your shampoo, deodorant and moisturizer could be really unsanitary for you. Always opt for the more high-end organic products on the shelves as you know these will be plant-based and much better for your skin and body.



Clever Cooking


You throw another frozen meal into the microwave and tuck into a delicious warm meal every evening; you might think you’re being proactive and semi-healthy, but really the microwave could be causing dangerous chemical reactions with your plastic Tupperware pots. Try to steam, boil or bake the majority of meals so you are minimizing the use of dangerous infrared rays in your home. The use of a microwave is most families go-to kitchen device when it comes to cooking quick and easy recipes, but you should really consider using metal pans and trays in the oven or stove to minimize your exposure to dangerous toxins.


By making small, but meaningful changes to simple aspects of your life you could start to feel the benefits straight away. Cut out those harmful toxins from your life so that you and your family can live a cleaner and greener way of life. Embrace the clear air in your home and you will feel revitalized, refreshed and renewed in no time.

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