3 Essentials That Can Improve Your Online Experience

3 Essentials That Can Improve Your Online Experience

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We use the internet for anything and everything these days. It’s the primary method that we use to keep in touch with friends; it’s how we do our shopping; it’s even the source of most of the media that we consume; we even learn online and use the internet to make our living. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly tech-minded, there’s no doubt that the internet has changed the way that we live our lives.

It therefore follows naturally that we should all strive for our internet experience to be as good as it can possibly be. We should strive for the time we spend online to be smooth and seamless, so all we have to focus on is what we came online to achieve.

To try and meet this desire, here is a list of three things you can do that will improve your online experience exponentially. Follow this through, and your time online will be a time to cherish from now on.

1) Deal With Ads

Internet users are watching fewer ads than ever before; even the ones we do pay attention to, we’re not clicking on. As a result of this, ads are becoming more and more invasive. They will autoplay video or cover the entire screen; anything that an ad executive thinks means their work will definitely be seen.

They’re annoying in the extreme, so a good adblocker is a must for internet enjoyment. Wherever possible, try and “whitelist” sites in your adblockers when on a site you particularly enjoy or visit regularly. Advertising is still a major revenue stream for most sites, so if you’re a fan, it makes sense to pay them back by honoring them with an ad view.

2) Check Your Speed

Internet connections are not all equal. The fact that your current broadband is faster than the old dial-up connections does not mean you’re getting the best speed you could be. “Good” is not acceptable in a world where you can get your browsing speed close to perfect. Always seek to get high speed internet from a reliable provider, then regularly measure the speed that you’re receiving. If you’re not getting what you were promised by the company, then raise the issue with them. There’s every chance there’s a fault on your line that can be rectified, but only if you notify them of the speed issue.

Being able to browse at speed is vital for your enjoyment of the time you spend online. This is especially true if you watch a lot of videos or streaming services – no-one in the modern world should have to put up with constant buffering!

3) Use An RSS Reader

Once upon a time, we all used to use RSS feeds to keep track of the blogs we loved. When Google Reader met its untimely end, many users simply gave up on the concept. This led to a switch; many of us are using social media to track blog posts. The problem with this is that’s easy – either through a busy feed or the oddities of the Facebook algorithm  – to miss a post.

If you want to stay up to date with your favorite blogs, then by far the best way of doing is still to turn to an RSS reader. The most common platforms online today are BlogLovin and Feedly, both of which can guarantee to keep you up-to-date.

Enjoy your new and improved online experience!

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