Tips to Look Better in Your Bikini (That Don’t Involve Exercise)

Tips to Look Better in Your Bikini (That Don’t Involve Exercise)

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It’s summer –  the season of sun, sea, and swimwear. If the mere mention of swimwear is enough to fill you with a cold dread, chances are, like a lot of women, you aren’t particularly confident about the way you look in a bikini. Chances are you also aren’t particularly keen on exercising your way to a better bikini body, and anyway it’s a bit too late for that now! That’s okay because there are lots of things you can do to look better in a bikini that don’t involve exercise…


Ditch the Junk Food


You’d be surprised how much better your bikini body can look after just a few days of cutting out junk and other foods that cause you to retain water and bloat. So, if you’re heading off to the beach in a couple of days, eat clean, and that bot of a belly you’re worried about will be gone in no time.


Buy a Bikini That’s Your ACTUAL Size


I can’t state enough just how important it is that you stop trying to squeeze yourself into that size 6 bikini and buy the 8. By doing so, you will actually look slimmer, rather than larger and no one will know what it says on the label anyway!


Laser the Hair Away


If the reason you’re worried about wearing a bikini is that you have lots of excess hair and removing it causes your skin to redden or a rash to form, look into getting Hollywood Skin Brazilian hair removal instead. It’ll sort out your hair problem and leave your skin looking perfectly smooth for the rest of the summer!


Fake Your Bake

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If you’re pasty and the pale and interesting look isn’t for you, don’t avoid slipping into your swimwear – fake your bake. Fake tanning products are getting better all the time, making it much easier for you to boost your tan at home. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, visit your local Sun Tan City. A professional job will cost a little more, but it will make you look slimmer and give you your confidence back, making it totally worth it.


Stand Up Straight


You’re probably rolling your eyes at the screen right now, but the simple act of standing up straight with your head held high and your spine erect can make a huge difference to how good you look in a bikini. When we slump, we automatically look pudgier than we are, so by maintaining a straight spine, or even better lying down, we automatically look thinner and more toned. Really, try it. It works!


Buy a Swimsuit

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If you’re really worried about baring all in a bikini at the coast and it’s playing on your mind, just don’t wear one. There are plenty of pretty swimsuits and tankinis which will look just as cute and give you. A bit more security when you’re out on the beach. Having fun and enjoying the sun is what’s important, not being able to slip into a bikini!


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