Are Men at a Disadvantage in Modern Dating?

By Guest Blogger Stefan S.

Are Men at a Disadvantage in Modern Dating?

The answer to this question is far more complicated than it seems at first. The fact that more and more women are getting higher education and jobs that allow them full independence has made women kind of ‘useless.’ Once they establish themselves, many women turn to younger men for romantic adventure, more than anything else, making cougar dating increasingly popular.

Girl 1, Boys 0

Experts and laymen alike will agree that we are undergoing one of the biggest social revolutions known to man thanks to feminist and empowering movements encouraging girls to pursue higher education and professional careers. Girls make up 57 percent of university students, outnumbering men in every program, including math and engineering. Two thirds of medical students are now women, compared to only 29 percent in the early 1990s. This means that far more women are coming out of universities than men, which will have huge social ramifications down the road, including a more emotionally stable and an overall much nicer business culture.

However, with so many girls climbing up the social, educational and professional ladder, where does that leave boys? Well, to put it bluntly, it leaves them way behind. It is a known evolutionary fact that females prefer males who are equal or better than them in terms of intellectual abilities, social status and the overall ability to take good care of their families. On the one hand, the future looks bright for women in the workforce, but who are they going to marry as they surpass their male peers in every aspect? Will they turn into cougars once they give up on marriage and the men of their generation? Quite possibly.

The Makings of a Cougar

Another issue is that most women opting for higher education come from middle-class families, and as they mature, they become sophisticated, educated and self-confident women looking for men who are higher up on every ladder than they are. So where does that leave the working-class men? Simply, nowhere. All the Bridget Joneses won’t even give them the time of day, and pretty soon this wonderful social revolution we’re all experiencing will lead to women running out of men to marry. Enter Susan Sarandon, Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, and the bunch.

So, who’s really at a disadvantage? The women who can’t find suitable dates that are intelligent, educated and positioned well enough, i.e. better than them, or the men who as it seems can’t keep up? It’s clear that both women and men are challenged when it comes to their dating options, which begs the question – what do they do? Past a certain point in life, many women turn toward younger men who may not be able to provide stability, but can provide a new kind of zest for life. And as for men dating older women, they know that older women won’t try to change them, and make them into something they’re not because older women don’t need younger men, they want them.

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