Surprising Pests Which Could Be Lurking In Your Home (And Making Your Family Sick!)

Surprising Pests Which Could Be Lurking In Your Home (And Making Your Family Sick!)

A lot of people don’t even realize that there are pests in their home until it’s too late. In fact, they tend to only find out when their family gets poorly, or there is significant damage to their property. So it’s a good idea to ensure you are clued up on what kinds of pests are in your home so you can watch out for them. Therefore, here are surprising pests which could be lurking in your home and making your family sick.


One pest you might not realize could be in your home is mice. But the pests can cause a big problem for your family. For one thing, they can damage the furniture and walls in your home as they create a new place to be their home. And not only this, but they can also chew wires and cables in your home. That means, things might stop working in your property. And you could even end up with a fire if they chew through an electrical cable. Not only this, but the pests can have an impact on your family’s health. After all, mice can carry a wide range of illnesses which could make your family ill. Therefore, watch out for signs of mice such as holes in your walls and droppings. And if you do have the pests, you can contact a pest control company to come and remove them quickly!

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You might not even think about termites being in your home. But there’s a chance that these could be in your home. And if they are, you could end up with damage to your property. After all, they destroy wood meaning that the structure of your home could be in jeopardy. And they could be eating the inside of your walls. As this article says, termites actually cause $5 billion worth of damage every year for homeowners. And they can affect your family’s health as they can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, watch out for signs that they are in your home such as hollow sounding timber and termite droppings. And if they are, you can contact a company who will do termite control in your property. You can even get them to come regularly to ensure they don’t become a recurring problem in your home.


If you have any pets in your home, there’s a chance you might have fleas in your property. After all, dogs and cats are the biggest carriers of the pests. And if they get into your home, they can spread like wildfire. In fact, your carpets could end up infested with the pests. Not only this, but they will be irritable to your family too. Although they won’t make home in your skin like they do with animals, they can bite humans. In fact, you could end up with bites all over your body from the bugs during the summer months. Therefore, ensure your pet has flea preventive, so they don’t intrude your home. And if there are fleas in your home, you can buy some spray which you can use around the house to say bye to them to good.

And remember to ensure all bedding in the home is cleaned regularly. After all, you don’t want to have to deal with bed bugs in the property!


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