So You’ve Had A Windfall: What To Splash Out On In Your Home

So You’ve Had A Windfall: What To Splash Out On In Your Home

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If you’ve had a windfall, congratulations! Hopefully you’re saving most of it for a rainy day, or for your kids’ college educations or – more excitingly – the vacation of a lifetime. But when a lot of us get windfalls, we often think of improving our homes. Sure, there are debts to pay off, and things to save for – but our homes seem like worthwhile investments. Here are some changes you could possibly make to your home with your new windfall…

A New Couch

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Pros: We all spend a pretty sizeable amount of our lives on our couches, so why not make it as superhumanly comfortably as we possibly can? After all, you get what you pay for, and if you spend more than you usually would on a couch, you’ll probably get it back in how much comfort and happiness it gives you.

Cons: How much money should you spend on a couch really? It won’t increase the value of your house in any way, and it might encourage you to stay in too much and watch TV instead of going out and being active.

Air Conditioning

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Pros: In the summer, good air conditioning is something that will turn your life from a nightmare into a dream. When it’s boiling outside, stepping into a cool house is truly balm for the soul. Being able to control the temperature of your home with the aid of a company like feels like a real privilege, especially when it’s uncomfortably warm outside and your windfall won’t quite stretch to installing a pool.

Cons: It’s still January, for starters. Do you really want to spend all your money on something that’s only going to be useful for part of the year?

A Bathroom Renovation

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Pros: It will be heaven. Very little is more enjoyable than a perfect hot shower and a bathroom renovation can help to get you there. Plus, bathroom renovations are very appealing to people looking to buy houses – it could help you if you want to move onto a new place.

Cons: A lot of us have more than one bathroom, and if you only upgrade one of them then the rest of your family members might just get annoyed with you. Still, it might be worth it for your new twin sinks and shiny new shower with its perfect water pressure.

A New Bed

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Pros: There’s nothing that will improve your health better than getting a good night’s sleep as often as you can. A new bed – and new linens as well, with a considerably higher thread count – will make your back and neck less sore and achy, and will help you tackle life more easily after you’ve slept better at night.

Cons: Will you ever get out of your bed again if it’s even more comfortable than it already is? Being late for work might become the norm instead of the exception. More seriously, if you want to use your windfall to raise the value of your house, buying a new bed isn’t the solution.

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