Redesign Your Office and See Incredible Results!

Redesign Your Office and See Incredible Results!


Sometimes, your office simply isn’t cutting it for you anymore. Maybe you know precisely what the problem is. Maybe it’s something a bit more vague, something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Whether it’s a home office or an office you’re running in a commercial property, this guide could have the solution you’ve been looking for!

Always remember the practical business side

Before going forward, it’s important that you remember the importance of keeping things suitable and practical. You can introduce all the wackiness and whimsy you want – as long as you or your employees can still actually do business in it! That means that the design has to be conducive to allowing for focus, concentration, storage, and movement from desks to other areas. You also have to ensure that it’s not the sort of aesthetic that might turn away your sort of potential clients!

Employee feedback

If you’re trying the reinvent a home office, then you just need to listen to your own opinion. (Which, to be honest, is probably nowhere near as easy as it sounds!) If you’re running an office full of employees, then it’s probably them you’re going to have to please! You could consider taking out an employee survey that gets you their opinion of how the office is now. Word of warning: you’ll probably get a bunch of requests for more “fun” items in the office. Still, it’s important not to dismiss them outright – a bit of fun helps productivity!


Getting the best

You don’t want to get an office that simply looks good but isn’t actually of that high a quality. The materials you use count for a lot. By that same measure, you shouldn’t just assume that the highest cost is going to get you the best stuff. Sometimes, going for bespoke furniture might be the best way forward. As for the surfaces that you find on your desks, tables, reception area, and other places, you want to think carefully about these, too. Companies like James Latham specialize in high quality materials in these areas.

Considering space

You don’t want to feel like a sardine in a tin, right? But you don’t exactly want to be guilty of wasting space, either. This is an area that you may have quite limited control over, that’s true. After all, we can’t exactly expand our office space that easily, can we? Unless we’re able to look into a massive reshaping of our buildings, we have to do our best to properly utilize the space we have.



Inspiration is key

Sometimes, the best ideas for office redesigns come from other offices. This doesn’t mean you should straight-up copy someone else’s design. But the fundamentals that underlie some of the best designed offices in the world are usually the same – it’s all about spatial awareness, using colour to their advantage, and properly tuning things to get the best out of their employees (or themselves, in the case of a home office!)

Never underestimate the power of a beautifully designed office!

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