Storage Solutions for Home & Commercial Offices

By, Adam R

Storage Solutions for Home & Commercial Offices

Photo Provided by guest Blogger
Photo Provided by guest Blogger

Whether you work in a commercial space or from a home office, finding the right sort of storage to meet your needs is essential. Storage helps to keep your documents or possessions neat, tidy safe, and secure. Storage needs can also include storing furniture or goods. You might even need an airtight storage solution like bunded storage with STOREMASTA if you are storing chemicals of any kind.

Good storage also helps your team to work more productively. Here are some things you should take into consideration when buying storage for your commercial or home office.

What Do You Need to Store?

Photo Provided by guest Blogger
Photo Provided by guest Blogger

Thinking about what it is you intend to store is important in making the right choices as not all types of storage are suitable or practical for everything. If you have files to store in alphabetical, numerical or chronological order, then a filing cabinet is designed to specifically suit this purpose. On the other hand, if you need to store boxes or large times, then you may need office cabinets with shelves set wide enough apart to neatly store these items.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

Obvious though it may seem, you need to buy enough storage furniture for the number of things you need to store. You need to check the capacity of any office cabinets and then buy enough to accommodate your files, documents, packages or products.

It is also worth thinking about your future storage needs, especially if you want your office furniture to match. If you regularly discard files that are no longer in use or only keep a set amount of stock on your premises, then your storage needs may remain the same.

However, if you are planning on expanding or need to keep paper documents on file for a set number of years, then you may find yourself in the situation of needing additional storage in the future. Unfortunately, matching office cabinets may no longer be available. It is sometimes worth buying extra in anticipation of your future needs.


Buying storage furniture is often not just about putting things away neatly and keeping the office space clear of clutter, it can also be about keeping documents safe and secure. For example, your documents may hold personal or financial details of clients or sensitive and confidential information that you need to keep under lock and key. If this is the case, then you need to look for storage that you can lock securely until you need to access the documents within.

Space Available

The space you have available will also influence your choice of furniture. If you have limited floor space but need a large amount of storage, you need to think upwards. Tall cupboards can provide the same amount of storage space as a shorter but wider cupboard. Similarly, you could consider shelving or over the door storage to make the most of the wall space available.


Another alternative is to buy multipurpose office furniture. For example, opt for desks that also have inbuilt storage areas. These are ideal for each employee to store their individual work and tidy away any documents or stationery.

Choosing Home Office Furniture

Buying furniture for your home office is different to buying storage for a commercial office and there are other things you may wish to take into consideration. Firstly, your home office is likely to be significantly smaller than a commercial office space. Before looking for storage furniture, you should measure the space you have available. Corner units are often a great solution as they use less floor and wall space than other storage options.


Aesthetics may be something you are more concerned about when choosing furniture for your home office. You may want it to coordinate with the theme or general style that runs through the rest of your house. There is a wide selection of furniture styles available that are suitable for the office that may reflect your style or personal taste; from sleek yet functional pieces to practical units that are funky and eye-catching.

Using these tips will help you to find the right storage solutions to meet your needs, regardless of whether your purchases are intended for a commercial or home office. Making the right storage choices can make a significant difference to the day-to-day functions of your work and may contribute to the effective running and overall success of your business.

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