Dreams Of Building Your Own Home? Ask Yourself These Crucial Questions First

Dreams Of Building Your Own Home? Ask Yourself These Crucial Questions First

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Building your own home is the ultimate domestic fantasy for many Americans. Having an idea of a charming colonial style or flipping through plans of McArthur Homes, can be the ultimate experience of power when it comes to being able to design it from the bottom up, so it fits your style, your ethos, and your specifications is an extremely attractive prospect. But, as you might imagine, it doesn’t come without its own difficulties. From the costs of materials and labor, to time and emotional effort, there’s a lot to consider before you take the plunge. If you share the dream of building your own home, make sure you ask yourselves these questions before you dive in head first.

Can we afford it?

At first glance, building a home from scratch appears cheaper than a ready-made home. Unfortunately, this figure doesn’t often take into account reality. When delays in the build happen then labor costs increase as a result, and it’s often the case that once the builders get on the site, people realize there is more to be done to prepare the land than previously anticipated. While there are ways to keep the costs down, make sure you can afford the initial quote or have your loan secured, with a fair amount extra for wiggle room too.

Are we patient enough?

The process can be long, drawn-out, and stressful. If you want a new home as a quick fix, this probably isn’t the right way to go about it. Even beautiful modular homes built off-site can take a few months before they’re erected and completed. You’ve got to be a patient person with the ability to deal with stress to be able to enjoy the process.

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What do you want from it?

What are your needs, goals, and desires from the house? Does every invested party, including the kids, agree on the end product? Write a list of everything you want from your home, all the way down to the types of door fittings, and spend some time categorizing as “want” and “need”. Don’t allow yourself to compromise on something you need, because you could end up regretting it years down the line.

Can we withstand the pressure?

A project of this magnitude can put immense amounts of pressure on couples and families, so it’s important that you ensure you’re all in the right frame of mind, and that your lifestyle is stable enough before you take on the commitment. The last thing anyone wants is for the stress of the endeavor to put undue pressure on your marriage.

Who will do it?

Do you have a builder in mind to undertake the project? Will you opt for prefabricated, modular homes which are built off-site, or would you prefer a full construction team on-site every day? Remember to factor this into your costs. Choosing the right builder could make or break this construction, so don’t take the decision lightly.

Designing and building your own home to your personal specifications can be hugely rewarding when it’s done right. There is no room for error, though, so make sure you’ve got everything in line before taking the plunge.

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