What Your Face Features Say About You

What Your Face Features Say About You

 by Guest blogger Ian P.


Stipsfromtia.com grouchometimes you just like a person you see for the first time, and some other stranger’s face is simply a put-off to you. Some scientists believe this is not a coincidence. The way your cheekbones or eyes are positioned will send a message to people about your personality, they say. People can sense if you are a trust-worthy or a generous person from features of your face.

If we think about it, if our genes and hormones that run through our body affect our behavior, why is it so impossible to consider that they also affect our facial features as well? A number of scientists have done some research on how people draw conclusions about others based on the shape of their faces and how true those conclusions were. Let us at least take a look at some key facial features and just think about it.

Shape of your face

Close up portrait of Asian/Indian young woman leaning back on sofa looking at viewer.
Close up portrait of Asian/Indian young woman leaning back on sofa looking at viewer.

Before interpreting the shape of your face, compare the ratio of your facial width with its length. According to some scientists, if the width of your face is 60% less than its length, you act cautiously in most of situations during life. If the width is more than 60% of the length, then chances are you have natural confidence.

Furthermore, the bigger your cheekbones are and wider your face is, the more likely it is that you are naturally more aggressive person, as your testosterone levels are high. It is also possible that you are more assertive than others, which usually means that, for example, you are prone to have a higher salary than people with narrower face.

Skin tone

The term “skin tone” refers to the undertones, which are harder to notice, but reflect our habits and the way we live. It is not connected to ethnic differences in skin tone at all. According to some research, a yellowish, golden skin tone is a sign of a good health, as it is connected to the amount of fruits and vegetables that person eats. In case your skin is rosy, it could be a sign of good circulation and it means that you are probably an active person.

Eyes features

TipsfromTia.com Woman's Eyes and NoseThere are several factors connected to the eyes that scientists believe can point to certain characteristics:

·        Iris patterns – crypts, the clusters around the pupil, if present in a great amount, are a sign of a gentle and reliable person. However, if they are shrunk tightly, it is possible that the person is slightly neurotic.

·        Eye color – according to some researches, people who have darker eyes are more charismatic than others. Regarding women, those with lighter eyes will probably feel less pain during childbirth, while those with darker eyes can easily feel tipsy after smaller amount of alcohol. Darker eyes are also a characteristic of people with fast brain functioning.

·        Distance between eyes – the wider the distance between the eyes is, the more tolerant the person is of errors.

·        Size of eyelids – if you have thicker eyelid, chances are you are more of an analytical person, while those with thinner eyelids are more prone to action and determined people.

Nose shape

A recent study suggested that people having a large nose are ambitious and have big self-confidence, meaning that there are usually in charge, even though they can occasionally be too strong in their reactions. If only your nose tip is bit too big, then you are very cautious with your money and you manage it really well. Noses that are not round or sharp usually belong to people that are nice, calm and liked by others. And as last, if you happen to have a longer nose, you are determined, intuitive and always ready for action.


TipsfromTia.com, tips from Tia, Smile brilliant whitening kitHow concise you are when it comes to talking to others can be determined by your lips. People with thinner upper lip tend to be more concise, while those with a fuller lip are more generous in communicating with others.

According to traditional Chinese face reading, having thin lips suggests that you are sophisticated and enjoy when things are done in the right way. On the other hand, People with full lips always search for pleasure and enjoy having new experiences.

Science vs. Chinese face reading

Scientists are not the first one to try to interpret people’s faces in order to guess their characteristics. The aforementioned traditional Chinese medicine has been doing that for centuries. For practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, not only that our faces tell others what we are like, but they also warn us about certain illnesses inside our bodies, depending on our skin.

What’s more, our face can even tell us a lot of things about our past and our future. Starting from the forehead and ending with the chin, you can follow a person’s life path and see what is yet to happen to them. If you don’t like what your face tells about your personality traits or your future, plastic surgeons from Sydney suggest you change certain things about your face, and who knows, maybe you change something else along the way, too.


Of course, our characteristics and our future are not set in stone (or on our faces), which means that there are numerous factors that shape us into the people we are now. However, if there are certain things about you that you didn’t understand before, maybe the answer is in the mirror.

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