A Guide To Converting Your Sedentary Lifestyle

A Guide To Converting Your Sedentary Lifestyle

If you currently lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, getting fit and active can be quite difficult. However, this guide will give you some valuable information to get started. It’s never too late!

Make Small Changes Every Day

Instead of jumping straight into a hardcore workout routine, try making small and simple changes each and every day. For example, every little step you take can make a difference to your health and fitness. Park further away from your destination. Do whatever you can to walk more every day. If you sit down most of the day at work, make an effort to get up every so often and go for a short walk to get a glass of water. Don’t allow yourself to sit there for too long!

Have So Much Fun You Forget You’re Working Out

If you think you hate working out, you’re not going to have a great time on the treadmill or doing something really boring. This means you should have so much fun that you forget you’re working out at all. What do you think you’ll really enjoy? Maybe a dance class would be great for you, or even just going on a couple of bike rides a week. Just make sure you get bicycle insurance to stay safe.


Come Up With Compelling Reasons To Change

You need to have some compelling reasons to want to change what you’re currently doing. For example, do you want to look amazing for your next birthday? Do you want to compete in a competition? Find as many reasons as you can to change. There are so many obvious ones out there, from living longer to looking amazing no matter how old you are.

Commit To Just A Few Small Workouts A Week

Make the commitment to do just a few small workouts a week. If you’ve never worked out before, just 2 or 3 could help you to see a big difference, and it won’t feel like you’re killing yourself. As you get fitter, you can up your workout intensity and volume. There’s no need to rush, because this is a lifestyle, not a race.


Monitor Your Progress

Monitoring your progress should help you to keep going. You can monitor your progress by writing down your speed, weights, reps, and anything else that will help you to see how well you’re doing. You can also take your picture each week, and measurements to compare with previous weeks. Don’t feel sad if you don’t see much of a change week on week. It’s happening, and any progress is better than no progress. In fact, the best progress happens slowly, as studies show it’s more likely to last. Just make sure you don’t rely on the scale to monitor your progress. They can be ok when used occasionally, but they can also be seriously inaccurate. If you train hard, lose fat, and build muscle, there’s every chance your body shape will look incredible while you appear to be heavier on the scales!

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