Things You Should Consider Before A Home Renovation

By Guest Blogger Ian P.

Things You Should Consider Before A Home Renovation

Whether you’ve just bought that dream house you’ve always wanted and it needs a few fixes here and there or your old place is in need of a complete overhaul, home renovation can be an energy draining process. This is true both for those who live in the house they’re renovating, with the workers coming in and out of the place and dirt and dust everywhere and those who don’t but need to check in on the progress every few hours. Here are some first-hand tips on how to avoid making renovations a nerve-wracking experience.

budget-158926_640Consider your budget

It’s always better to spend a few more bucks on quality materials than to cheap out on something that won’t even last to the end of the year. However, you don’t need to go overboard and shop for the most expensive items available. Talk to a friend who’s been through a renovation and double check with your contractor before spending all your money and always set aside additional 10% to 20% of your overall budget for any issues that might arise.

Choose the right contractor

Sifting through the yellow pages and searching the internet are the easiest ways to find a contractor. This said, finding a good and reliable contractor who understands what you want and knows how to accomplish it can be a little tricky. Word of mouth is oftentimes the best way of finding good contractors, so try talking to your friends, neighbors and colleagues from work. Ask for any referrals and proof of previous work before signing an agreement, that’s the best way of avoiding scams and shady contactors.

Set realistic expectations

This is the single most important thing on this list. Having dreams and expectations is normal, but always have in mind that renovations depend heavily on the shape of your existing home, available resources and of course, the budget. Ask yourself, do you really need that expensive marble counter, or can you satisfy yourself with a more reasonable priced one. If you can, good for you, and if not, try doing the renovations in stages. Prices vary from season to season and being patient always pays off in the long run.

building-1080595_640DIY vs. Professional

We often pride ourselves in accomplishing things with our own two hands. And there are numerous little jobs around the house which don’t require hiring an expert and wasting your money away. Changing the light fixtures, fixing the kitchen sink or throwing a fresh coat of paint on the walls is simple for those who know how to do it, but fixing the plumbing and painting the entire house does require calling an expert. If you want to repaint the house but have absolutely no skill with a paintbrush and roller, you can contact Painters Sydney, for example. Just make sure that the job in question is definitely out of your comfort zone before calling an expert.

Do your research

Heaving clear expectations before you start tearing the house down is crucial. Talk to anyone who’s done a renovation for tips and advice or contact a real estate expert. They may charge you for a consultation, but their knowledge on the subject and vast experience can only do you good. Cross-research the best deal available for all the thing you need to buy or try talking to your contractor. He’s probably been doing his job for quite some time and probably know where you can get a good deal.

Home renovations can be challenging at times, especially for those who’ve never done it before. Not only that but most people tend to live in the house they’re renovating, making their everyday life difficult both for them and the workers. If the entire house need work, then its best you stay at your friend’s or neighbor’s house until it’s done. Having a vision is never enough, you need careful planning, a good budget and at least a few consultations with the experts before you embark on the road of renovation.

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