Bathroom Remodeling: The Dos and Don’ts

Bathroom Remodeling: The Dos and Don’ts

Redesigning your bathroom is one of the top ways to increase the value of your home. So for any homeowners, it makes good sense to have that on the radar. When you give it a remodel that makes it for functional, as well as look better, then you are onto a winner. But what are the best ways to go about redesigning your bathroom? There are some things that you should do, as well as some that you should avoid. Then you can maximize the return on your investment. A new bathroom doesn’t come cheap, so you want it to be right in the first place. Read on to learn more.


Do Think About the Layout and Practicality of the Room

For each bathroom in the home, then you need to think about who makes primary use of it. Is it an en suite or a family and children’s bathroom? An en suite, for example, could be a little more luxurious. As it is most likely a smaller space, you could get something like a marble floor with underfloor heating. This would be too extravagant in a family bathroom, though. A family bathroom might be better with a large vanity unit that has two sinks. Then it can speed up getting the kids ready in the morning, for example. Somewhere like Drench might be able to show you how much you might be looking at for a double vanity unit. Then you can check that it would still be a viable option for you. A guest bathroom would probably need more storage than any other. As it isn’t used all the time, it can be a great place to store extra towels and toiletries.

Don’t Move the Plumbing

If you don’t want the remodel to cost a large amount of money, then make sure that you keep the plumbing where it is. First of all, plumbers can be expensive and moving it all around will require a lot of their time. Second of all, any disasters or emergencies with plumbing can be damaging to the home, as well as expensive to fix. So work on the existing plumbing, and it will make things much easier.

Do Add Storage or Shelving

Most of us don’t all have the luxury of extra storage around the home. So adding more into your bathroom is a great idea. It can be used for towels storage, as well as toiletries and toilet rolls. If you include some storage into the bathroom design, it will look much more seamless. Think about having some floating shelves or built-in storage. When it is included in your design, you could factor in things like recessed walls and built-in lighting. Perfect for a luxury touch in the bathroom.

Don’t Choose a Design That is Too Modern

Bathroom styles can easily become dated; even in as little as five years. So choosing a modern look could mean making plenty of changes as time goes on. If you want to go down that path, then thinking about using cheaper materials. Then it won’t cost you a fortune for as and when you want to make changes.

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