Kitchen Trends to Watch For in 2017

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Kitchen Trends to Watch For in 2017


image-10Whether you’re remodeling your old kitchen, or starting from scratch in your new home, keeping up with the latest kitchen trends is essential. The kitchen deserves just as much attention as any other room in your home, so paying attention to the colour scheme, the placement of all the appliances and kitchen furniture should be your priority when you decide to freshen up the space.

Trendy Colour Schemes

White is definitely one of the colours that’s been popular for as long as we can remember, and it remains to be trendy in the season to come. Everything from the cabinets to appliances is going to be as white as snow. Aside from being a classy and polished colour, white is also much easier to clean and maintain pristine. What’s more, if you opt for white cabinets, you’ll have much bigger choice of colours you can match with it, and get the unique kitchen design you’ll love.

Grey is the one colour that’s gained its popularity almost overnight. It’s sophisticated and looks very luxurious no matter what you combine it with. Consider going for grey and red or even grey and yellow combinations for the ultimate sleek look. Grey is also a neutral colour as white, so it’s good for matching with bold shades, because you won’t have to worry about colour clashing.

Another colour that’s going to be among the top colours of kitchen décor in 2017 is yellow. Shades like mustard seed, pastel yellow and butter cream are warm tones that are perfect for kitchen counters, walls and even floors. A butter cream counter with a white countertop and sliver faucets is the combination of a genuine modern 2017 kitchen.

Accessible Design Features

image-11One of the designs that’ll make your cooking easier is definitely a side-opening oven at counter height. Forget all about pressuring your spine by bending down or reaching up whenever you’re baking. Now, all you need to do is slide a baking tray out.  Next in line of fabulous inventions is a deeper drawer. Not only will you be able to store your precious pots and pans inside, but everything else that you use when cooking. With deep drawers come amazing drawer organizers that will help you keep all the cutlery and utensils neat and tidy. Slots that come with the organizer will make enough room to keep knives and plates separate. Removable boxes are the perfect part of the organizer that will help you reorganize the drawer in any moment. Thanks to the stackable trays, you’ll never mix your utensils with flatware again.


Refrigerators, microwaves, blenders and stoves in white, black or silver are the top choices for the next year. High quality bosch appliances will last a long time, and are worth investing in. Even appliances have come a long way, so now you could even have a cooling unit in any part of the kitchen. From a counter-height built-in refrigerator in your island, to any other shelf position you wish for, your fridge can now be accessible to every family member.

Cabinetry Design

image-13We’ll see many new cabinetry innovations in the following season, starting from heat resistant to scratch resistant cabinets. Additionally, now you’ll be able to open the cabinets in a completely new way, without thinking about hitting your head and hurting yourself. With flapping, lifting and folding doors, you’ll be safe, comfortable and ready for a new cooking challenge. The new door solutions are very practical for small kitchens, because they’ll allow you to move easily in a small space.

The 2017 kitchen designs are nothing if not versatile and innovative. With so many beautiful colours and designs, all you need to do is pick the one that suits you best and have the kitchen of your dreams.

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