Surviving a Long Distance Flight

Surviving a Long Distance Flight


Traveling to a new place is incredibly exciting, but long plane journeys can be tedious. You’re sat in the same spot for hours on end, you’re restless, bored and there’s probably a baby screaming its head off nearby- typical. Thankfully there are things you can do to make any long distance flight run as smoothly as possible. So you’re at your destination enjoying yourself before you know it!

Bring Lots To Do

While most flights will offer movies and entertainment, it’s so worth bringing your own stuff too. When tablets are so portable, bringing yours on board gives you endless opportunities. While in-flight wi-fi is still in the early stages, you could download plenty to watch and do before you leave home. You could download a full series to watch, a long flight gives you lots of time to really indulge in some tv. And we all know how quickly time passes when you’re watching something you enjoy! Plug sockets on planes are usually restricted to first and business class, although many will offer a USB charging port which is suitable for a tablet. So find out beforehand what’s available on your flight. If not, you’ll need to pack a couple of good quality portable chargers. You can play games on it, read books and if you invest in a Bluetooth keyboard you could turn it into a mini laptop and get some work done. While working might not be the most exciting, it will still keep you occupied. And when you have a long stretch of time ahead of you it’s good to make the most of it!

Get Some Sleep

There’s definitely an art to sleeping on a plane. But it’s well worth trying, even if you’re not sure if you can. It will make your journey go by more quickly, and you’ll be less exhausted when you reach your destination. If you have a night flight it will be easier, but even if you don’t there are ways around it. An eye mask to block out light and some ear plugs to block out sound should get you well on your way to drifting off. You could check out an ear plugs guide to work out which will be the best to go for. A supportive neck pillow is a useful investment for traveling, as if you do manage to drift off you won’t wake up with a cricked neck!

Pack Some Skincare

Flying is notoriously bad for your skin. If you find you end up with breakouts or dryness after a flight, there are things you can do on board. Remove your makeup using cotton pads and some micellar water, a gentle yet powerful makeup remover (bearing in mind you can only take 100 ml or less of liquids onto planes, so you will most likely need to decant this into a smaller bottle). Use a light, hydrating face mask to replenish the moisture and then follow this up with a moisturizer afterwards. You can always re-apply your makeup half an hour before you’re due to land if you don’t want to go bare-faced at the other end! A makeup bag with all of your essentials is a handy addition to your flight bag.


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