It’s Not Just About The Bling: How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Engagement Ring

It’s Not Just About The Bling: How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Engagement Ring


It is becoming more and more common for a woman to be able to choose her engagement ring – and it’s probably a good thing. It’s nice to daydream about being proposed to and seeing the perfect ring, lovingly selected. But for too many women, it’s not a reality. They see the ring and think: “oh”.

This is not just a question of expense, either. Whether it’s classic Verragio rings or something more individual, it has to represent the person wearing it. Sometimes the style is wrong, not something they would pick for themselves. It may not be the kind of thing that will put the relationship in trouble, but it’s not what you dream of.

So now proposals can involve a dummy, costume ring which will be substituted for the real deal with the input from the future bride. After all, if you’re going to wear it for the rest of your life, it’s pretty important that you like it!

If you have the opportunity to have a say in your engagement ring, you’ve got a lot to think about…

  1. Metal Colour

There are several options for metals, split into three different types. While there are subtypes (a silver colour could be platinum, titanium or genuine silver), the colours are the dominant focus.

Yellow Gold – Perhaps the most traditional, yellow gold bands have been the staple of engagement and wedding rings for years. Choosing this will show your respect for history and adherence to how things “should” be done.

Silver (or silver-coloured) – Much more modern, these have soared in popularity over the last decade. This option makes you more practical, with feet more firmly in the contemporary world.

Rose Gold – Going through a period of intense popularity, rose gold is a softer version of yellow with an antique feel. A rose gold choice is somewhat whimsical and fun and suits anyone who considers themselves a free spirit.

Think about your colouring. If you have pink skin tones, then either gold is a better option. For olive or yellow skin tones, silver-coloured is much easier to pull off.

  1. Gemstones and Their Cut


If you want to stick with the traditional diamond, then there are numerous cuts to choose from. Square cuts have been widespread in recent years; while oval and princess cuts have a more retro feel. Try as many different cuts on, even if you think you won’t like them – you never know what might feel “right”.

Stepping outside of diamonds is acceptable also, and a good choice if your budget isn’t high. It’s better to have a good quality stone of anything than a poor quality diamond. Some of the most famous engagement rings of recent years have opted for other gemstones. For example, the Duchess of Cambridge has a sapphire as the main focus on her engagement ring. So don’t feel it has to be a diamond; assert your individuality by going for something different.

  1. How Will It Fit With Your Wedding Band?

This is an important step to consider. The two will be worn in concert with one another, so they should be complementary if you wish to honor customs. Alternatively, stark differences – perhaps even different metals – signify the different life stages they represent.

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