A Floor For All Rooms: Different Styles For Different Spaces

A Floor For All Rooms: Different Styles For Different Spaces
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The walls and floor of each of the rooms in your house are a lot more crucial to design that you probably at first think. They can provide either the foreground or background of the whole style of your room. Rather than just painting your walls a neutral color and laying down a regular carpet, why not get a little more creative with your choices?

How To Choose Flooring?

It’s important that the flooring you choose is not only timeless and chic but also practical and durable too. Especially in rooms where their will be a high volume of traffic from people. Floors are laid to stand the test of time, so the first rule of choosing flooring is to not pick something overly trendy, patterned or busy. Opt for neutral colors and focus instead on interesting and plush textures. There are many beautiful materials out there including engineered wood, reclaimed oak boards, concrete, wool, stone and even leather. And if you want to add even more interest, if structure allows, you can even install wide glass panels across certain sections.

Why Choose Wood?

Wood floors are ageless, beautiful and naturally warm. They will instantly make a room look expensive and work well in living rooms and bedrooms. Try hardwood flooring such as timber if you want a classic option that looks timeless. Timber flooring comes in all sorts of colors so you can create a variety of looks. From light to mocha oak and dark gray to medium brown, engineered timber has great texture and can create a beautiful organic feel in your home. It works well in both rustic and contemporary settings.

Why Choose Stone?

Stone has been used for centuries as flooring and in recent years has had somewhat of a resurgence. It looks chic on living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. It also works well with underfloor heating but does need to be sealed to avoid staining. Because it is a natural material the colors and quality can vary, so always do your research into the type of stone you want. Always order the whole lot in one shipment otherwise, you may end up with mismatched color gradients. Some of the most popular stone materials include marble, slate, limestone and granite. Travertine is also another great stone material for your floor. And as it so happens the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome is made entirely of travertine. So if it’s good enough for such a prolific monument, it’s certainly timeless enough for us!

Why Choose Wool?

If you want to feel something sumptuous and fluffy under your feet, then you may just be a carpet kind of girl!  Choose a wool carpet over a synthetic one, and you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. Wool carpets work perfectly in kid’s rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. They are flame resistant, durable and hypoallergenic. They look pretty plush too. Wool carpets also retain their pile shape and height better than synthetics and are also easy to clean. And a luxury carpet in a neutral color always looks super sumptuous in a room.

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