Everything You Need To Know About Your Rights At Work

Everything You Need To Know About Your Rights At Work

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There are many rights which we are entitled to while we are at work. These have been put in place by many different organizations over the years so that we can work without being exploited. Even though these are crucial to many employees, hardly anyone knows exactly what they are entitled to at work. In this blog post, I’ll go over some of the most basic occupational rights and what you should do if you think your employer isn’t offering them to you.


All employees are entitled to fair pay, no matter what type of job they do. In the UK, the national minimum wage is £7.20 for everyone over the age of twenty-five. The U.S. varies by state. Are you suspicious that your employer isn’t paying you this? You should ask to see your contract. In this, it should stipulate your hourly wage. If you are being paid less than the minimum wage, you should speak to your employer. They may not be aware that they are underpaying you. However, if they refuse to do anything about it, you should take your employer to an employment tribunal.

Holiday Pay

Every employee who works in a full-time job is entitled to at least 5.6 weeks of holiday leave each year. This holiday leave will be fully paid by your employer. Bear in mind that if you work part-time, this holiday leave will be provided on a pro-rata basis. You can choose when to take your holiday days. Don’t think your employer is giving you enough holiday leave? Then you should contact your local citizen’s advice bureau. They can talk you through the next steps.

Sick Leave And Pay

If you ever fall sick or need to take time off after an accident, you are entitled to employee sick leave and pay. You are entitled to statutory sick pay if you are employed full-time and are sick for four or more days in a row. You will also need to have already worked at least one full day for your employer before you can claim sick leave and pay. Remember that this only covers you for a certain period of time. If you need to take more time off work due to illness, you might have to take unpaid holidays. Are you not sure whether you should go back to work once your sick leave is up? Then you could see about getting occupational health assessments by Health Assured.

The Right To Ask For Flexible Working

Did you know that once you have worked at a company for more than twenty-six weeks, you can ask for time off for training? You need to work in a company that employs at least 250 employees, though. As long as the training will improve your work within the company, your boss will likely agree. Especially as it is one of your basic rights at work!

It really benefits to know what rights you are entitled to at work. Both you, your colleagues, and your company will benefit!

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