Tips For Beautiful Hands And Nails. By Guest Blogger, Dr. Marina Gafanovich

By Guest Blogger, Dr. Marina Gafanovich

Tips For Beautiful Hands And Nails


The appearance of your hands and nails can speak a lot about you and your health. Most women take perfect care of their face but often ignore taking care of their hands including nails. If you are health conscious or beauty conscious then you must pay equal attention to the health and beauty of your hands and nails. Hands are prone to show early signs of aging as they are often exposed to the harsh chemicals like soaps and detergents most of the time. They are washed several times a day, which robs them of their moisture and make them harder.

If you take sufficient care of your hands then they will look pretty, clean and soft and will also possess equal nails. If you think that you do not possess such soft hands then you need not worry. You can learn some vital tips for beautiful hands and nails in this article.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Dr. Marina Gafanovich

The first tip for beautiful hands and nails is to use a moisturizing cream regularly and at least 4 times in a day. You should always try to clean your hands including nails before bedtime and apply a suitable moisturizing cream. And if you possess dry hands then you need to take some extra care. Extremely dry hands need to be moistened more often.

Hands lose their lipids due to frequent washing and being exposed to hard water. So you must select a cream for your hands that essentially contain natural ingredients so as to compensate for the loss of lipids. During winter time, you must use hands creams that have extra nutrition and contain more oiling substances like glycerin, paraffin, Vaseline, silicon, sunflower oil, or ceramids. You can get extra benefits if your hand creams also contain anti-aging elements. This way you will be able to delay the aging of your hands too!

Another useful tip for people, who have rough palms, is to massage their palms with a mixture of sugar and any oil mixed in equal proportion. If you have rough palms then you can massage your palms with this mixture for about a minute. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then rinse off with water.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Dr. Marina Gafanovich

A useful tip for beautiful hands and nails is to simply provide protection to your hands by wearing a pair of gloves while handling work that are rough in nature. It may include sweeping up your house and cleaning your lawn, gardening, etc. You should also protect your hands from an abrupt change in temperature, especially during the winter time.

In order to get beautiful nails, you must choose a product that contains stuffs and extracts of horse hair. These products can provide additional strength to your nails. If you have got stains on your nails then you can remove these stains by treating them with a mixture prepared by adding some lemon juice in water. You can also treat your nails every alternate day with olive oil to keep them strong and healthy. Avoid cutting your nail cuticles and file your nails periodically in an appropriate way.

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Guest Blogger, Dr. Marina Gafanovich
Guest Blogger, Dr. Marina Gafanovich

BIO:Dr Marina Gafanovich qualified in medicine in 2002 from the globally recognized and acclaimed Sackler School of Medicine. She proceeded to complete her residency in internal medicine at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY, where she excelled with her outstanding performance and was offered a permanent position as a care attending physician. After several years of practice, Dr. Marina moved into private practice in New York, where she continues to maintain her reputation as an outstanding medical doctor and care giver.  Call Dr. Marina today on (212)5184529 or visit her personal blog