Safe Exercising After Plastic Surgery. By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

Safe Exercising After Plastic Surgery

Photos provided by creativecommons images
Photos provided by creativecommons images

Indulging in regular physical activity is known to hold many health benefits when it comes to both physical and mental health of people. Not only does implementing a fitness routine help maintain ideal weight, but studies have shown that just 30 minutes of fitness daily can help protect from serious health issues like heart diseases and strokes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, obesity and regulate mental conditions like depression and reduce stress levels.

Exercising after Surgery

Undergoing any kind of surgery, even an aesthetical treatment requires a specific downtime so the body would be able to heal properly. This is why rushing into a specific training regime right out of surgery is not considered a wise idea. Depending on the type of the procedure and its complexity, patients must be careful when starting their exercise regime again. Overall, it is not recommend for patients to indulge in any physical activity at least 48 hours after the procedure has taken place. The best way to start again with the usual fitness regime is to gradually increase the activity levels throughout the first few weeks of the recovery process. Depending on the procedure, it usually takes a few weeks to regain the energy lost during the healing process. For those eager to start their training routines, doctors recommend indulging in some light cardio like a slow-pace walk or slowly cycling on a stationary bike.

Exercising After a Face-Lift

image 2(5)While the recovery time varies among patients, according to doctors at Chicago Plastic Surgery, patients generally make a full recovery after about two weeks. During the first few days, patients feel a fair amount of pain and discomfort and it is really important to say stationary during this period and to rest in order to regain their energy. In the next few days it is recommended to start implementing some light activities like mild stretching, doing dishes and dusting, but you should refrain from any vigorous physical activity. Stretching your muscles is really important as you want to avoid muscle atrophy, but safety always comes first and that is why it is recommended to rely on isometric exercises at first. After a week or so, after you have removed your stiches you will be able to gradually increase your activity levels by taking longer walks or some more demanding exercises. Remember to use ice packs to reduce swelling and not to spend too much time outdoors, especially during summer time as you must avoid direct sunlight at least some time after the surgery.

Exercising After a Tummy Tuck

image 3(3)Because of the complexity of the procedure and the area where it is performed, patients who undergo a tummy tuck cannot expect to return to their regular fitness activities at least six weeks after the surgery. After the surgery has taken place, patients are advised to take short strolls around the house every day without any help for getting in or out of bed. This will help strengthen the weakened muscles right after the surgery and help keep you active. Short walks around the neighbourhood should be the only physical activity at least for the first four weeks of recovery. After this, some low impact cardio can be implemented into your routine. One month after the procedure you might begin with some upper body and leg strengthening exercises but should avoid those exercises that strictly target the abdominal muscles. Once your physician gives you clearance and you feel like your abdominal muscles are ready you might slowly start getting back to your regular fitness activities.

image 4(4)While regular fitness activity benefits you in many ways, starting a training session before your body has healed completely can only make things worse. This is why professionals that perform plastic surgery in Sydney recommend taking things slowly and keeping in mind that everybody heals at their own pace and that you should never push yourself over the limits.

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