Sharpen Scissors and knives the simple way.

By Tia Cristy


Is there a quick tip for sharpening scissors? I remember my grandmother said she used to do something and told me to remember, but honestly I wasn’t paying attention then. Taylor, 26 sissors

Tip from Tia:

Yes, she was right. There are two quick, simple and easy ways to sharpen scissors or knives without using the sharpening sticks or stones and you probably already have both things in your kitchen. But, first and foremost, remember to always approach with safety when working with anything sharp.

One, you can use aluminum foil to keep up with the
sharpness. All you need to do is fold it to make a few layers of thickness. For scissors sharpening you just simply cut the foil several times. For knives sharpening, set the foil on a cutting board and cut the foil several times, sliding the whole blade across the foil.

If the scissor or knife blade is really dull, then use steel wool. It will bring back the life of your cutting tools. Do the same process as above, by using the steel wool or a metal scrubbing pad.

Make several cuts with the scissors; it will be a little more challenging to cut than the foil and tends to leave metal flakes behind. With sharpening knives, you may not cut all the way through the steel wool and that is fine, continue to make several swipes over the steel wool as if you were slicing a tomato. The steel wool can also clean off rust stains that may have appeared over the years.

Keep you work area to a minimal using the steel wool, and clean up thoroughly. Steel wool is small shards of metal that can easily puncture your skin giving you a splinter. Wash tools, workspace and
hands thoroughly after you’ve finished.

If you should happen to get a splinter or cut while doing this process clean the wounded area and seek medical attention if necessary.

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