Kick Start the Metabolism During Winter for Resolution. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

 Tips on Triggers: Kick Start the Metabolism During Winter for Resolution.
Woman Doing Sit-ups

So, you have the resolution to shed some pounds for the new year. It’s OK, that’s the most common of resolutions every year.

First thing is first, you must keep your immune system up. Exercise is a way to build you immune system as well as diet. Adding Vitamin C is a great immune builder. Once your insides are feeling good, your outsides will start to show results. A healthy immune system will help your metabolism kick start and work properly.

A few good herbs to add into your diet will help in digestion and trigger the metabolism to become active in a dormant winter. Those herbs are things like parsley, basil and cinnamon, which are also great to help with digestion. Adding these garnishes to your meals and snacks, can have a positive outcome on your system. SIDE NOTE: Some individuals have allergies to herbs, use caution if it’s the first time trying any herb.

Eating 17 almonds (no more), daily, can help boost the metabolism.

Adding in activity, proper diet and portions will allow one to see results faster, but don’t get discouraged if the numbers aren’t quickly lowering, feeling good it the key. Don’t over do exercise or labor, remember slow and steady wins the race. Many times, people tend to over workout in one day and can’t move for days later; not effective.

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