How to keep those Homemade Christmas Cookies Fresh

By Tia Cristy

(recap) How to keep those Homemade Christmas Cookies Fresh
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So you baked a bunch of cookies or someone gave you cookies as a gift, but homemade cookies don’t have all those preservatives in them to keep them fresh for long periods of time. So how do you keep those tasty treats good, for the 12 days of Christmas?

Add a slice of white bread to the top of the package they are in. This will absorb the air and moisture, and the bread will get stale not the cookies. Replace the bread with a new piece, once it starts to get hard. This will help keep the cookies lasting longer, and gives you a chance to eat them all; not throw them out. I can’t help you with the feeling of guilt, for eating them all, but I’ll offer you the assurance they were probably made with “love”, so enjoy the love.

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