Burns, What to Put on Them. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Burns, What to put on them.
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Well of course, it depends on the degree of burn. If you get burned extremely bad; losing layers of skin, call emergency for assistance!

But, if it’s a slight burn while cooking or from an appliance like a toaster or a curling iron, do not rush to put it under cold water. This is not good for so  many reasons. It takes longer for the burn to stop because it’s such a difference in temperature. If the skin has loosen, the cold will shock it to what could be a folded position.

Some people suggest butter. This is one, I’ve not tried. Butter is cold and maybe someone thought it would draw out the fire. But, putting butter on a hot surface distributes the heat evenly. When heat is in your skin you want it out. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m just saying I’ve never felt like giving it a whirl.

The tip I’ve used, is to turn on the hot and cold to make it lukewarm and slowly shut off the hot to increase the cold. This method will help extinguish the burn that is still cooking inside and prevent shock to the skin.

Once the pain has been numbed, inspect the area (Do Not remove any skin if it is loose or broken, the skin in tact will help it heal quicker and cause less pain) and apply an antibiotic cream. (one with pain relief, if possible)

If the skin blisters, do not try to remove the skin. Drain the blister with sterilized items and repeat process over time if you are comfortable in doing so. If you are blistered, and unsure of what to do, call your doctor for assistance. Pus is very harmful if ingested so wash up thoroughly after the blister is broken and keep away from mouth and eyes. Keep the area clean, dry and medicated and it should heal quickly.

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