How to Make a Peaceful Oasis in Your Garden. By Guest Blogger Lana H.

By Guest Blogger Lana H.


How to Make a Peaceful Oasis in Your Garden
We are surrounded by things people have built, tall buildings, houses, traffic, technology, and by living that fast life, in this concrete jungle, we forget how to enjoy ourselves. We need to learn how to live in a moment and appreciate every second, always tend to find something good in everything bad that has happened to us.
There is no better place to start than your home, and there is no better way to achieve peace of mind and relaxation than surrounding yourself with at least just a tiny bit of nature. Connection with the nature works the best for healthy mind and body. Although we are not built to survive in jungle, to live only by nature, but we can build our own small peaceful oasis where we can come every day and just sit there, relax, and breathe.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Lana H.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Lana H.

Image source: Flickr

First of all you need to find a perfect location. Look around, see where trees cast their shades for the most of the day and start from there. Flat ground is also required since you will need room for chairs or something to sit on, since you are going to spend most of your time off right there. You would want it to be some place quiet, so loud noises won’t disturb your peace.

In order to completely relax and truly enjoy, you need to make it private, if it is not already. To achieve this, you can simply put up a fence, or some kind of barrier, just to be there, and then plant liana or some similar plant so it can climb up your fence and all around it. In that way you will have complete privacy made of nature only.

There are simply numerous benefits that plants provide, and it is unnecessary to mention all of them here, but probably the most important one is fresh and clean air. Here you can put your imagination to work and plant all kinds of various plants, from grass and trees to exotic ones. Only thing you need to pay attention to is climate in your area. Some plants cannot handle climate that is vastly different from its own natural habitat.

Fountain, lake, waterfall or water of any kind is a must. Although it is not cheap, it is the key for making an effective oasis. You are able to reach incredible focus and relaxation by simply watching the water. It has been proven that the water gazing is one of the best ways to achieve tranquility and some say that it even prolongs one’s life.

For outdoor furniture tend to buy something made of natural materials like wood. It is not only comfortable and sustainable, but it also blends into your small paradise much better than plastic. Esthetics can be very important for better relaxation. Wintons Teak outdoor furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of furniture made out of natural materials such as teak and wicker.

For lightning you don’t want anything too bright, but you don’t want to sit in the dark either. Something dimmed or placed far away would be perfect. Low light is great for relaxation for both, your eyes and your mind.

If this is something you are really passionate about, you are going to build it with joy and ease. There is nothing better than working on something you love and you are going to enjoy it later on, for the rest of your life. It is a long term investment, and it can go on for generations.

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