Build Structure to Gain Health. Tips In Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips In Action: Build Structure to Gain Health.
Family eating their breakfast sitting at the table
Family eating their breakfast sitting at the table

What are daily traditions exactly? Traditions are important; we all have them, like going to grandma’s for this holiday, the cousin’s house for that summer cook out. So  Daily Traditions are, having something specific together ever day.

A lot of families are already doing this. And, it’s important because, having a structured daily tradition in your relationship, can help in continuing a  long and healthy marriage and family life. Not only is the mental and emotional health, benefited by this, but it’s been shown to have benefits on physical health, as well. Couples that do a participating daily tradition, are more likely to have a better sex life as well.

So, where to start a daily tradition? Try dinner or even breakfast time, to sit and socialize with one another and share your day and plans for the night, week, etc. Make a rule to disconnect. No phones, computers or devices. It maybe awkward at first, but without devices, is how we were meant to originally, communicate.

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