Making Your Workspace Work for You. By Guest Blogger, Jane Blanchard

Making Your Workspace Work for You

By  Guest Blogger, Jane Blanchard

The average person spends 3,750 days of their life at work. That’s 90,000 hours — an awfully long time to sit at a boring desk surrounded by depressing off-white walls and dusty mass-produced art, which is unfortunately the scenery for so many office workers. Knowing that environment can affect productivity and happiness, creating a comfortable and good-looking workspace is a no-brainer. Read on for some simple ways to give your workspace a much-needed makeover.
Add some life

via Blending Beautiful

Research has shown that indoor plants in an office can actually kick fatigue to the curb during attention-demanding work. Plus, they just look pretty. If your green thumb is more of a sickly gray color, try peperomia, spider plant, or wax plant — they’re all easy to care for.
Improve the lighting

via Design Sponge

Nobody looks good under fluorescent lighting. Set up a table lamp on your desk or go big with a chandelier. (Just make sure you get permission first!)
Give your chair a makeover

via She’s Crafty

That boring black rolling chair is begging for some love. Grab some fabulous fabric and recover the chair with it using this awesome no-sew method.
Make it cheery


A brightly colored garland + fresh flowers = instant cheer. Keep things simple.
Get a pet


A growing trend, especially at tech start-ups, is allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. If your company isn’t quite that cool, check and see if it’s alright for you to bring a fish. Set up the bowl so that it’s visually interesting — try using bold colors for the rocks and a bright green plant inside.
Hang art

via Apartment Therapy

Treat your cubicle’s walls like the walls of your home and hang up art you love. I love how this person has hung up three similar prints in matching frames so it looks unified and neat.

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