Best Way to Clean the Grill.

By Tia Cristy

Problem: Hello Tia. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to clean a barbeque grill?

Hot Dogs on the Grill
Hot Dogs on the Grill

Tip from Tia:

There maybe better techniques and cleaners out there, but the best tip that I’ve seen and I can give for cleaning the grill on a daily basis is, using it’s own heat. Just like a self cleaning oven does, turn the flames on the grill to high once the food is done cooking. Let it run high while you eat and then turn it off. Once it cools, that grease can become ashy and be easily brushed off with a  dry scrubby pad .

(Be sure if you try this tip, to remember to turn off your grill. Safety is very important when cooking and grilling.)

The next time you go to use the grill, turn it on and let it bake off more before putting on the food. Plus, preheating a grill also allows even cooking. And, using the burn off technique infuses the flavors on the grill.

For deep cleaning, only handle racks when completely cool. Using a shop vac to get the dry grease and debris from the bottom is a great way to keep it simple. And for the racks, use a grease fighting soap with a scrubby pad, hose down and put back on the grill. Burn off the reminisce of the soap and grease before putting the food on.
Tia, and  is trying to keep you looking good and
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