Warm Weather on the Horizon, Will Trigger the Thought of Bikini Season. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Warm Weather on the Horizon,
Will Trigger the Thought of Bikini Season.
Floral Bikini on Clothesline

So the point is, start getting ready now, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when the weather finally breaks. Winter can leave us all feeling sluggish and blah. Trigger your metabolism now, to prepare your body to get back into that fine shape, you want it to be in.

Be realistic, there are dozens of body types out there; learn to embrace your own. Being healthy is key. Wearing your body well and treating it well, gives you all the beach body you need. A good metabolism is key to a healthy body.

Triggering the metabolism means speeding it back up, because with some of us, it tends to slow down in the colder months, and it’s simple enough to speed up again, with adding a kick to it. And, a kick can be adding some spice to your life. Cooking with peppers are a great healthy way to get that heat and nutrients to make your body happy. A touch of cayenne pepper into your meals to spice it up can help, as well. (Remember a touch of cayenne goes far with heat. But, there are pepper allergies, so if you have them, don’t try this or if you feel you are having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention. Spicy, is not for everyone.)

The most important way to kick start the metabolism back up is, switching your diet to smaller portions and eating more frequently. This can really be beneficial during the start up of warmer weather.

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