B.R.A.T Diet

By Tia Cristy

B.R.A.T Diet

"Woman With Abdominal Pain" by Ohmega1982 FreeDigitalPhotos.net
“Woman With Abdominal Pain” by Ohmega1982 FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Hey Tia, the stomach bug has been going around work, I’ve been lucky enough not to get it so far, but everyone has gotten it. But what is that diet that you should eat, if you get it? Is there anything I can do really to prevent getting it? K.

Tip from Tia:
The stomach bug is not fun. I’ll answer the second question first, you can try to prevent the stomach bug the same way you prevent other germs. Be sure to wash your hands often. Make sure you cover your mouth when you yawn, as well as cough or sneeze. Don’t rub your eyes or touch your mouth without clean hands. Wipe down surfaces with clean wipes. And, be sure to get your vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Now, that diet you asked about it called the B.R.A.T Diet. It’s good to eat if you have a stomach bug or flu.

It stands for Broth, Rice, Apples and Toast.

These foods are easy going down and gentle on the stomach which makes it easy and gentle if it has to come out or back up. These foods are also absorbing and binding. This “diet” is believed it will absorb and bind the bad bacteria to detach from the stomach lining and be able to exit the body quicker resulting in a quicker recovery. Be sure to drink lots of fluids and watch for signs of dehydration, if you believe you are having symptoms of dehydration, contact your doctor immediately.

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