A Simple Kidney Cleanse. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: A Simple Kidney Cleanse.
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The body is amazing. It knows how to clean itself day in and day out, but sometimes it can use a little help. The best help is natural resources.

A simple natural cleanse for the kidneys, is to drink cranberry juice. You may already know, cranberry juice is good for UTI’s, but the kidneys can use a cleanse, if you notice darker colored urine, have a trouble urinating or feel a tiny pang in your back.

Try the cranberry juice and see if you get any relief. Cranberry juice can trigger good kidney function and a clean bladder. Not a fan of the flavor, add to a smoothie. Or, there is cranberry supplements. If you are still having any of these troubling symptoms, contact your doctor.

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