Staying Safe While Going Oral. MA

By Tia Cristy


Staying Safe While Going Oral. MA condoms

Oral sex is considered an excellent part of foreplay, before intercourse, yet, it’s also a sexual act by itself. Not, to be mistaken by a random act of simple attraction. With that being said, oral sex has been mistaken as an act of saying “I like you” and been treated as “lightly” as a simple kiss. Taking this sexual act lightly, has had repercussions with our health. Some STD’s can be passed to your partner thru oral sex. But sadly, because of the rise in HPV, it can now be passed thru kissing.

HPV is still full of a lot of questions. There are 40 types of HPV. I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going to pretend I understand it completely. But, let me explain it in simple terms with the color orange.

A man is the carrier of the orange paint. A woman touches his orange paint, now she has the paint and touches another man, he now carries orange paint, he touches another woman and she is now left with the orange paint. See how it can spread so widely and rapidly?

Talking to your doctor about the HPV vaccine and if it’s right for you may be an option you want to look into. The vaccine isn’t for everybody and it does have an age limit.

If you won’t or can’t get the vaccine, there are still ways to protect yourself. And, protecting yourself while having oral sex can still be fun.

A dental dam is a safe way to have oral sex for both, men and women. If it sounds familiar, it’s used by dentist. It’s a square piece of latex that can keep bodily fluids at bay, but still allowing pleasure.

Using flavored condoms to perform oral sex on the male, can make the experience more “flavorful” for the “giver”, while still being pleasing to the male partner. Making it fun for both of you, give him a choice on the flavor because, the flavor will remain in your mouth after, so think of it like tasting someones lip balm. Remember, it’s so important to find out your partners allergies, before using a flavor they could be allergic too.

Flavor condoms can be irritating to the genitals. So, I recommend a  “wardrobe change” to a regular condom before intercourse. Talk to your doctor about sex and the best ways to protect yourself and being safe during sex.

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