Having a Safe Celebration Night

By Tia Cristy

(recap) Having a Safe Celebration Night
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So it’s New Year’s Eve and you want to kick off the new year awake, safe and happy.

If you can, take a cat nap before the night starts.

Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your night; meaning water in between champagnes. Hydration will keep your energy up, to help you stay alert.

Don’t be shy to pick at the food. Eating before, during and after ringing in the New Year; it can keep you from getting too inebriated and or developing aliments throughout the night like headaches or stomach issues.

Stay with your party or group for the festivities. Large crowds can get out of hand at a moments notice, keeping close to your friends and family, can help keep you all safe from even minor mishaps.

Enjoy the celebration and may you ring in the 2015 New Year, safe and sound with style and class.

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