Try These Hair Care Tips For Gorgeous Hair. Guest Blogger Alana J.

By: Alana J., Guest Blogger.

Try These Hair Care Tips For Gorgeous Hair


Photo provided by Guest Blogger Alana J.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Alana J.

Hair fall is a common problem and there are many causes for this. The life of hair depends on the duration for which it is attached to the head. Often, this is reduced by brittle hair that is prone to breaking, resulting in hair loss.


Can you reduce hair loss? Yes, you can. Here are some hair care tips that will help your hair look great. Choose the best hair care solution based on your needs.

Leave your hair alone


That’s right! The less you do to your hair, the healthier it stays. Frequent coloring and perming can weaken hair. It is the same with brushing, wearing clips and curling the hair. Since hair is nonliving tissue, the damage is long lasting.


Choose the right comb or brush for your hair


While grooming your hair, use a wide toothed comb, preferably with Teflon coated tips so that breakage is less. If your hair tends to tangle a lot, make sure you use a conditioner. If you prefer to use a hairbrush, go for one that causes less friction between your brush and the shafts of your hair. There are brushes available for blow-drying hair that have been specially designed with vents to avoid heat buildup at the point of contact between the hair and the brush. Check for widely spaced bristles with ball-tips.


Never comb wet hair


Most people tend to brush wet hair. When your hair is damp, it is likely to break when you comb it. After you shampoo, use your fingers to gently detangle the hair and do not comb it until it is almost dry. There is a common notion that styling is best done when the hair is wet but this is not entirely true. If you are styling your hair, do it when your hair is almost dry.


Minimize the use of a hair dryer


When hair needs to be dried in a hurry, most people use a hair dryer which uses heat to get rid of the moisture. The problem with this is the heat destroys the hair’s protein. Protein keeps the hair healthy. Using a hair dryer regularly can deplete the protein and damage the hair, making it weak and eventually making it fall off or break. There is a specific way to use the hair dryer by holding it at least one foot away from the hair. When the heat is gentle the damage is minimized. Let the hair cool before you touch it. Always begin by applying the lowest level of heat so that your hair can get warmed up gradually. The same goes for curlers and hair rollers.


Use a shampoo that conditions


Based on your hair type, select a shampoo that has conditioner in it. The conditioner protects the hair and also reduces the friction between your hair and your brush or comb. This prevents hair breakage. Also, after you shampoo your hair, use a conditioner immediately. This increases the life of your hair.


If your hair has gone through treatments such as coloring, bleaching and other processes that involve the use of chemicals, make sure to condition your hair properly at least once a week to avoid brittleness. These conditions stay on your hair for about half an hour before you rinse them off. These may be in the form of oils or protein which strengthen the hair and keep it healthy.


Trim your hair


This is one of the most effective hair care tips for weak hair or hair loss. Sometimes, it is best to trim a couple of inches of hair to get rid of the split ends to give it a healthy look. This also makes the hair look fuller and thicker.


Don’t forget to get professional help if you see unusual changes in your hair such as rapid loss or thinning. Your doctor can help you tackle it with hair care tips and choose the best hair care solution for you.


Author Bio: Alana is a passionate blogger and writer. She is obsessed about beauty and fashion. She enjoys writing about beauty, makeup and latest fashion trends. In her spare time she loves to read novels. She also writes on latest hair care products.