No Need to hide, because of a shiny face.

By Tia Cristy

No Need to hide, because of a shiny face. Woman Closing Eye

Is your face getting shiny halfway through your day, due to the cold, drying conditions? Reasons for oily skin; your face is producing oils to try to help moisturize the skin naturally. But not great news, because over produced oil can block pores quickly. You don’t need a powder compact to absorb the extra oil. Powder Compact presses can also clog the pores instead of absorb the extra oils. And, for a large population of men, they aren’t really keen into using the compact thing.

To absorb those excess oils use a cornstarch with a blush brush over your face (use a cloth to dust it on if you don’t have a brush). Wipe away heavy areas of the white powder and you’re done. If cornstarch leaves your complexion too pale wipe face over with a clean, soft, dry cloth or tissue. Repeat throughout the day if needed.

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