Facial Hair Looks Patchy, Fill it in.

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: Facial Hair Looks Patchy, Fill it in.

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Facial hair looking patchy? You can’t cover it up without going unnoticed.

So, I recommend filling it in. Whether it’s female’s eyebrows or a man’s beard, sideburns or stache, facial hair can appear thin during certain times of the year due to shedding.

If facial hair has a spotty look, there’s a quick fix by using an eyebrow pencil. But, another way to fill in the spots, is using eyeshadow, which may be easier to match a hair color and can appear softer and more natural.

Either one you choose, be sure to wipe gently with a tissue to remove any excess and blend into the contours, in between hairs.

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