Can’t Keep your Eye’s Open? Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Can’t Keep your Eye’s Open? (10)

The day is long and you didn’t get enough sleep, but you need to get through just a little longer. Your eyes are starting to close and you can’t control it.

Here’s a sensitive trigger point that can help you get a jolt to the eyes quickly. At the base of your head where it meets the neck is your occipital. Slightly rub on both sides with a light massage. This will give your eyes a burst of energy.  Don’t rub too hard. Too much pressure can cause damage, so be gentle to your sight.

It doesn’t always last long, so make sure you’re not operating heavy machinery, including driving, relying on this trigger point to get you to your finish line, but it will give you an ability to make it through that file or that end of the day board meeting.

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