You Get Your Hair From Who in the Family? Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy


You Get Your Hair From Who in the Family? Stupid Tip of the Day:, tips from Tia, thinning hair

You may have heard it before; the quality of your hair comes from your mother’s father. But, researchers say it’s not necessarily true. Thinning hair and baldness can come from you and your environment, just as much as it can come from genes.

Over washing hair with abrasive products, eating too much processed foods and not getting enough vitamins as well as overall health can be a huge factor.

If you are seeing a thinning happening, change up your diet to better nutrition. Adding in nuts and fish with natural oils can be beneficial. And don’t forget your B vitamins! The one commercial says start at the right end of care with the scalp. It’s so true. If the pores get clogged, hair can’t grow properly. Add a few drops of Rosemary Essential oil to your shampoo. Rosemary will unclog unwanted oils and can also help with regrowth of new hair.

Don’t forget to massage the scalp. Stimulating blood flow back to the scalp can also get huge reward to maintaining a healthy head of hair.

Remember shedding happens during season change, but if you feel you are loosing hair in mass, consult your doctor for further information.

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