Monthly Cramps Got you Doubled Over? Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy


Monthly Cramps Got you Doubled Over? Tips on Triggers:

"Woman With Abdominal Pain" by Ohmega1982
“Woman With Abdominal Pain” by Ohmega1982



Period cramps can be debilitating to some women. The pain can have some ladies doubled over in pain for the first few days.

It doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable. There is a trigger area that can help break down the period to relieve cramping.

A quick understanding on why this happens is cramps are usually caused by the flow. Clotting and thickness are usually the culprit of a painful cramp. So, in reality, making a thinner flow will reduce the pain and throbbing.

Take 3 fingers and massage gently in a circular motion, right below the underwear waistband line or right above the hair line on the cramping side. It only has to be massaged for moments at a time, like when you feel a cramp.

Within minutes the cramp with usually go away with kind relief. In some cases you may find after the massage, you have a heavy flow or clot that releases only for a moment.

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