Make Your Can Colder Quicker. Tips in Action

By Tia Cristy


Make Your Can Colder Quicker. Tips in Action


"Metal Aluminum Beverage Drink Can" by tigger11th
“Metal Aluminum Beverage Drink Can” by tigger11th

We have all been there. When you have a warm out of the case, beverage that you think will cool quick in the freezer. The freezer does work, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to be fast enough. The worst is forgetting about the can and having it pop in the freezer, creating a mess.

Here’s a tip in action that will help the can cool down faster in the freezer.

Wet the can, sprinkle it with salt and wrap it in aluminum foil. Place in the freezer. The can should cool down in half the time it usually takes.

If you are having a party, an need a bunch of cans to cool fast. Get a cooler or bin and fill it with water and ice. Sprinkle in the salt. The cans will be cool for your guests in no time.

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